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“Kilbas was on his way to his home cave from having spent several months on official business in a different dimension, and decided that this was as good a place as any to rest, before continuing onwards. He was traveling light: just his weapons, better clothes, waterskin and a bear hide for warmth. It was all he needed to survive in this harsh winter wilderness.”

I couldn’t resist. It’s been a while since I put any effort into photography, but I got this fur piece from mizya yesterday and it’s been snowing non-stop since last night, so the weather was great for photos, too. And I’ve had this photo idea for a while now. If I had winter gear for some of my other dolls, I would’ve made it into a photostory. But nope, not this time. Maybe some day I’ll find good fantasy appropriate winter fabrics that inspire me to sew for… well almost everyone needs winter gear.

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I’ve been in a bit of a doll coma this summer. I’ve been working on commissions and generally haven’t had time or energy for my own dolls. But I’m trying to activate myself a bit before summer is over. Mostly because I have some ideas and a few locations I want to shoot at.

First up is Siren photos from yesterday. I’m going to add to this shoot later -or make a set of its own if the light is completely different, because I left out things I wanted to do. The sun turned away too soon. :( Sorry for the repetition

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Story: Journeys end

I’m (really slowly) working on a new outfit for Iria. I never even had a proper shoot in her original one, but oh well. I’ve had the design and some of the patterns done for months already and I even made one piece of it some time ago, but I have a hard time deciding which fabrics to use for the rest of it. That and I keep getting distracted: like yesterday, I was going to start cutting the fabrics. I took them all out and everything. And then I found nice leggins fabrics from by pile and instead, cut like 15 pairs of leggins (SD16/DDdy, SD & MSD size). Lol. =__=;; The sales coats are still in the works too. Oh, and last night I dug out an old silk dress I made 4 years ago, pretty much cut off the back and started making a new back hem to make it nicer and useable for Prisca.
And let’s not even speak of the SG corset I started last year, the shirts I cut for Null at the same time and another SD silk dress I cut a year ago. I have too much unfinished stuff. Though, right now I really wanna do something nice for my own dolls. ♥

Anyway, finally managed to finish this story.

The summer was coming to an end. The trees were dropping their leaves in the wind and amidst them, a lonely figure limped in the forest.

At times the woman had thought she felt something in the woods but calling out to it had brought her no answers. Must’ve been an animal.

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Guided by the Light

I’m so sorry some of these are a different colour (last ones most notably and the gif), but I went out at sunset and naturally the light kept fading. I would’ve edited them similar from the RAW images, but I accidentally rolled the mode dial on my camera at some point and thus didn’t get raw images of half of the photos. Sigh.

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Preview: Seere & the winter

I took Seere out the other day because the weather seemed nice. However, it got cloudy and started snowing as soon as I got outside, so I will be re-doing this shoot, and I’ll have someone else with her too. I also have plans for a wintery Sigrun shoot. I’ll be doing both once the weather gets cold again and we get some new snow. Right now all the snow has fallen off the trees and the snow is full of holes and stuff that’s fallen off the trees.

I hope to be able to re-do this soon. x3


That’s what Seere is. :3

I was only supposed to take a few snowy portraits of her but I ended up snapping 140 shots. Obviously I thinned them down. Didn’t like any of the full photos either, so it ended up as a “few portraits” in the end.

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Winter Bells

I got a second pair of wings for Eris and painted them all winter like to match her default wig. Or it was supposed to be her default, but I waited for it for so long that I grew rather fond of the temp one I made for her when I got her. I guess she’ll be switching between the two now. This is perfect for the chilly winter look anyway. :3

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Mirror Lake

Ohohoho, I was able to take my Siren to a lake this year afterall. The water was really cold but it was just too lovely and serene out there to not make use of the weather and location. I looove the effect from the foggy background and the mirror-surface of the lake (when I wasn’t making ripples on it myself).

I got her some leg fins and re-painted the arms since the last shoot I had with her. :3

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The Stag

I got Llyr an armguard in the mail today. I would’ve gotten it on Tuesday already if customs hadn’t snatched it and demanded a HUGE 7€ ransom for it and then stalled with it for forever. The irony is strong because I also got a DC package that would’ve been worth like 5 or more times that and they let that one get through. Anyway, Llyr also has new-ish horns and a new-ish top+hood+sleeves so I thought it was about time I took at least some photos of him. Nothing amazing though, because I wasn’t really all that inspired.

Headshots only because I was too lazy to go properly into the forest to have a better background. ^^;

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Moonlight Garden

I won an Asis from Soom’s post MD event and she arrived a few days ago. :D I’ve been working hard getting her ready since then and I’m soo happy with her. She’s the one fairy I’d been regretting not getting because she’s the perfect package for me looks wise (and white skin <3). Her wig is still in the mail, though, so this is not the final look, but a mohair wig I made quickly from some scraps I had left. But I couldn’t resist trying this shot because I’ve had it in mind for a while now. Moonlight and gardens are Eris’ “theme”.

I’m ridiculously happy with this set of photos, too. They’re kind of amateuristic as it was my second time ever shooting during night (and first time with flash). But I had so much fun and an hour just blew past. I didn’t want to stop at all. The weather was perfect too: not too cold, not to warm, no mosquitoes, no wind. I got a proper flash in my camera swap (my body for a new body + external flash) so I was finally able to try this. Well, I’d like another flash too, but as things are now, I wouldn’t be able to control it because the micro switch is really stuck good in this camera. :/ This time I did have this very fancy (not), flashlight + reflector set up too. At one point I called my dad outside to hold another reflector to direct the flash better. Haha. It was definitely interesting and I loved it and this certainly won’t be the last time I shoot at night.

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Dark Siren

I made my extra Onyx head into a siren and I love her lots. She needs a name but for now she’s just “siren”. I also want to re-blush the hands+arms to match her darker colour scheme but I couldn’t wait to take at least a few photos. Too bad they didn’t come out at all how I wanted them to. The weather was really against me. It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy but nope, all the clouds strategically moved around the damn sun and the wind was horrible. I had the doll on a stand so I didn’t have to worry about her falling, but me? The waves were so strong it was really hard to stay upright and not shake the camera. Also the sun really does not compliment her at all. She’s all dark but pale and would really work with gloomy weather much better.

I got so fed up with the sun that I settled with the photos and went for dull poses and backlight. I also had this waterproof camera bag with me and I was planning on taking a low angle shot of her but the waves were too strong. I’m gonna try that shot again sometime later in the month I guess but not sure if I’ll make it for the challenge. I’ll drag mizya with me and people can call us crazy (again) for ‘swimming’ when it’s already way cold. xD

The first shots are taken with the waterproof bag, so the quality isn’t very good, then when I went to take my camera out of the bag, I also changed her wig. And at one point a strong wave knocked off her other arm finn. I’m glad I noticed before I left cause it would’ve been hard (if not impossible) to find later. When I noticed it was gone, it hadn’t moved much yet despite the strong waves. Luckily resin is pretty heavy.

Oh but hey, even though I didn’t get the kind of photos I wanted, I did get to swim a bit with the beach almost all to myself. It’s 10 degrees cooler now than it has been for like a month so people assume it’s way too cold to swim. The lakewater was really warm, though… unlike the wind.

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