Death comes atop the Snow

It’s been years since we’ve had snow in December. Actually, it’s been a while since we’ve had this much snow all winter -let alone December. I approve. Prisca was the only one dressed for the occasion though, so she was my only choice for photos. But hopefully the weather will keep on being nice this winter and I’ll get photos of my other dolls too. I should do some winter-themed sewing as well.
The days are still super short, but we’ve passed the shortest day of the year, so they’re slowly getting longer again and I should have more inspiration for photos. I hope :3

Prisca has been wading in the snow in less clothing before. I’d link the shoot here but I’m in the process of updating my main site and it’s not ready yet, so I can’t. But hopefully I’ll find the time and inspiration to finish that process soon. I have too many dolls because uploading their profiles is killing me -and I haven’t/won’t even write all of them down in length for now. x_x

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Belated apple blossoms ( part 2 )

Alright, so I went through the other flower photos too, and edited a few of them. I took these on June 8th. Taking grey skinned dolls to a location with a lot of green is not very flattering, I know this, and yet I still took two of them there, what is wrong with me? These are not amazing, but at least there are flowers? (I’m trying very hard to ignore those damn dandelions, too.)

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Before it all melts away…

Hi, I’ve been a little quiet lately. Break from dolls, break from sewing. No break from painting dolls though, but it’s going sinfully slow and I’m really ashamed about it. But hopefully I’ll have most of the commissions done in a week or so, as long as the weather cooperates.

Anyway, it snowed the other morning so I rushed outside for a few fresh snow snapshots with Hexia (because she was convenient). Nothing special but got me off my ass and outside for a good 20 minutes at least.

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The sun was out today for the first time in weeks. Unfortunately, just as I got to actually posing these two, clouds came and it got really dark. But since I’d taken the time to dress these two the night before (took like two hours due to having to iron the outfits and change limbs etc.) and set up the backdrop fabric, I thought: heck I’m not gonna stop without getting a single photo! Since it was dark already it was best to lengthen the exposure and I need a stand for that. So, I figured I might as well go all out with the pose (and take my time). Unfortunately it meant that I didn’t get a full shoot since just one took so much effort. So, the rest are pretty boring.

This is also the first time Delmia is wearing a uniform since changing her look. She had a dark theme before and wore a red and black uniform, but now that wouldn’t suit her anymore. Luckily I got this grey one back from Mizya since she sold her Apate in mini size and it suits Delmia well. Yay for not having to sew another one. Though, she does need a skirt of her own for it.

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Story: Different Strengths

More Hexia. I found this place while taking our cat out for a walk and just knew I had to come back here. Unfortunately, it was kind of dark today and I couldn’t really take advantage of the really pretty stream at the location, but maybe some other time. There was this pond-like area in it that looked like a siren could live in it (ideas, so many ideas). It was really small (doll size) and yet very deep. At first glance I thought the water would be up to my hips, but I tested it with a long branch and the bottom was so soft that I would’ve sunk in it chest deep. It was really quite magical and yet a little bit creepy. I will definitely take advantage of the location again. Towards the end some old dude came to the area and instead of using the ready made path, he decided it would be better to walk on the forest side and he was making a ton of noice stepping on branches all over the place. It was just weird.

This isn’t quite a proper photo story, although I filled the spaces with text, but it isn’t quite a shoot either. So, yeah. Anyone interested enough can read it and the rest can just look at the (slightly repetitive) photos.

Era was definitely a being of light. Any way you looked at it, she belonged out there in the brightness. Even when the sun wasn’t out, she seemed to have a glowing aura around her.

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Random photos entry 2/2

And now for the very few BJD randoms I have.

Miy is turning 11 next month. She’s been sitting in the same clothes in the same pose on my shelf for years, but a few months ago I took her out and made her new pants, yay. \o/ I love her despite never playing with her. She’s the oldest doll I have left (and my second doll ever). And I think she’d need a new fresh face up but with my track record, that will probably take a few years.

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Date time

Alrighty, I like to do something for myself on my birthday every year, and this time it was having a shoot mizya and I had been planning for a while. Well, we took other photos too, but I’m only posting our Min Ki & Mi Cha date photos for now, because they’re cutiepies. ♥ ♥

Too tied to go into more detail right now. It’s been a long day with commissions and then I edited these photos and ugghh. Enjoy.

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Spring coming along

I changed the colours of the blog to be more spring/summer like. :3 And to celebrate I also took a few snapshots of my Vera (yeah, more swing photos). I actually had grand plans for these and woke up early. But just my luck: it was cloudy. The ONE morning I was ready to go right out and make use of the beautiful morning sunlight our yard gets– and it’s cloudy! Of course NOW it’s sunny that I’m back inside, but the sun has already turned and comes on too strong. In the early morning it shines through some trees and creates beautiful soft shadows. :/ Since the lighting was dull, I wasn’t inspired to really take a lot of shots or play with her poses this time.

Oh, but I’m finally closing in on a name for her. I want to have one with a meaning of “air” or “ether”. Unfortunately my favorite candidate is a masculine name, so I may have to look into it some more. Even with a name though, I’m not sure what to do with her. I’m considering selling her body (with margery/adriana head) and switching her to light brown and to share the body with the Dark Vera when she arrives. Mostly because I don’t really have the space to keep two SWDs around. But I just don’t know right now… I think I’ll have to see what I think of the new skin tone whem my dark girl arrives first, and then decide that to do.

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Swinging towards summer

I’m really on a roll. Commissions aren’t moving as well as photos, but it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve actually enjoyed taking photos. Lately, it’s just been me shooting sales or commission stuff. Feels good to do something for myself for a change -even if it’s just taking photo.

We removed the netting from around the cherry tree yesterday, because I’m pretty sure the hares won’t be eating it anymore. I made this swing a while ago but the weather hasn’t allowed me to test it -and the tree was inaccessible anyway. I also have an SD size, but that will have to be tested later (I have some niiiice plans for that one). ):D

I was only supposed to test the swing, but this turned into two mini-shoots. First one was Avis when I was just setting it up, and then I took Min Ki there too, because I quickly -finally- gave him a manicure and then felt inspired by him.

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A Victorian Lady? +outfit photos

Okay, so I’ve planned on making a Victorian outfit for Seere for quite some time, but I haven’t come across good fabrics for her. Then, I found this off-white striped satin that is just beautiful and thought “Heck, if I can’t find nice red fabrics, I’ll just make her a red and white outfit, then”. But then I got the Vera head and thought that she’d look gorgeous in such an outfit as well, and decided to make it for her instead. Only, she doesn’t really work red, so she got purple and white.

It’s a good thing I switched the sizes, because the white satin is pretty much gone now. I wanted more of it for the skirt but there just wasn’t enough. Also, due to a little pattern mishap with the skirt this ended up bigger than it was supposed to be. Now the outfit is kind of a late 1860s and 1880s hybrid. The shape of the skirt goes to late 1860s and early 1870s but this jacket type was more common in the 1880s. Oh well… Some day I’ll make a princess or a sheath dress of the 1880s style and then something biiig similar to the 1860s. There are also a few historical outfits from the Victorian era that I’d like to replicate in doll size… some day.
Yes, I’m big on Victorian fashion, although I don’t often get to make Victorian outfits for my dolls. But I’ve done quite a bit of research the era and even wrote my thesis on Victorian women’s fashion.

I’ve made a few Victorian-inspired outfits in dolls size before. My very first one was this one for Seere (she so needs an updated version soon). And the next one was this for Lilya when she was still a MNF. But after I sold her, I gave the skirt to Avis and made her a new jacket to go with it. This new outfit is pretty much an upgraded version of the purple dress I made for Lilya.

My poor Vera is still nameless and I also don’t have properly fitting eyes for her, so she looks a little blank, but let’s not let that bother us… Warning: there are a lot of photos.

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Withdoll Light Vera

I received a Light Vera head from Withdoll in advance, so that I can show the doll with a different styling from the promo photos. Withdoll also extended her sales period for a week, so go check her out. Mizya got the Dark Vera head as well, but she only received it today from me, and I don’t know when she’ll paint it.

I’m quite loving the sculpt. She’s got smaller eyes than their previous big girls and super lovely pointy ears. I don’t have eyes or wig for mine, but I tested a few styles for her. She’s wearing leekeworld 14mm glass eyes through the wig photos, and in other photos she’s got Soom 14mm eyes. (Yes, I really only have blue spare eyes.) This face up I made would definitely need a light coloured wig, but unfortunately most of my SD wigs are dark or brown.

I will also be getting a pale brown Dark Vera eventually, but I put her on layaway, so she probably won’t get here before late summer. I have her sword here with me already and I have plans for her, but nothing has progressed as of yet. At least I have time. xD

Anyway, to the Light Vera photos. She’s gray skin.

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Dark Red

I took Prisca outside today since it was finally sunny and there were a few red-ish leaves left. This is an old silk dress I made for Lilya when she was still a MNF but it had some issues. I started taking it apart to add something to the back, but then got bored I guess and left it unfinished. It’s been in a fabric pile for years until I finally dug it up last week and completely re-did the back. A little fix wasn’t enough because Prisca is a lot taller than a MNF and she’s wearing super high heels too. And now she basically has a new dress. :D

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Senior Withdoll Girl (SWD) Shoe review

I finally received the renewed legs and feet from Withdoll today, so I dug up my SD shoes and did some quick tests.

I didn’t review the shoes in the original SWD post because the feet were so tiny they didn’t fit any shoes I had. I suggested that Withdoll make them bigger by certain measurements and they did. Now the feet are okay to balance on and they fit into lots of shoes.

(Tata’s paradise SD16 shoes)

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