Archive | October 2, 2017

Story: Tea & inquiries

Finally continuation to Iria’s story. I thought I did the first one last year, but apparently it was two years ago, oops. This one picks up right where that left off, though. And it ended up really long. Hopefully with minimal mistakes, but I’ve been working on the texts all day today (on and off) so my brain is kind of dead now.

But god, I so need to get a pair of normal hands from Souldoll when I next order from them (I wonder when that’ll be). Because it looks like her fingers are cramping in a lot of these. Gosh, I shouldn’t have cared that I already have several of the old style pairs: they’re the only ones that can actually do stuff naturally.

The woman was standing awkwardly in an unfamiliar room. They’d had their introductions just a moment before outside, after which she had taken off her outer garments in order to accomodate for the warmth of the house.

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