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Withdoll Senior boy prototype review

I’m back with another review! This time I have Withdoll’s new senior boy body at hand, as I was asked to review it so that improvements can be made if they’re necessary.

First of all, this body is structually very similar to the female body, I’ve already reviewed here so I didn’t go into as much detail. And because the light was horrible for photos (so sorry about the bad quality), I took some parts as videos (no speech though, I don’t have a pleasant voice) to demonstrate the range of movement.

Please keep in mind that this is a prototype of the body, and the final version may be revised before any orders are sent out! I will be passing all this information to Withdoll and they’ll do the fixes they see fit.

I’ve heard from Withdoll that they will be improving the movement of the elbows, wrists, ankles and hip/thigh area. As well as do some shape changes to the extra hands and feet. The final version will move better but still look about the same. There will also be a taller version of this body released later this year. ^^

Girl vs. Boy

Girl body (ns, small bust, Vera head) & Boy body (cw, Alan head)

He’s very broad shouldered and hefty feeling. I measured him at exactly 63cm.

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Soom eyes (warning)

I thought I should make this information post because I haven’t seen anyone mention this before.

I used to buy a lot of Soom eyes in the years 2008-2011 because I also bought their dolls. Then, I had a pause and only ordered some pairs occasionally (through Safrin doll because of the manageable shipping).

At around 2013 I decided I needed to order Seere a new pair of Zinnias because hers had gotten a little dull and wouldn’t reflect light well anymore. When I received them, I noticed that Soom had suddenly completely changed the way they make their eyes: the irises sit way deeper in the eye and they have a new printer. The fact that the printed irises are deep in the hole causes the rims to disappear and the pupils get really weird red reflections from the light. As a result the new Zinnias looked like completely different eyes.

I complained to Soom and they sent me another pair: only for me to discover that they were just as crappy AND the other one had a wonky pupil. I did see that they had tried to make the rim more visible, but it wasn’t nearly as good. I told them that they were not even close again, so they said they’d make me a third pair and would make sure there are no wonky pupils. About a month later I received the third pair and they still weren’t any better. None of the eyes I received looked anything like the original pair and at that point they apologized and said that they can’t make them like they used to anymore. So, no new eyes for Seere because they look so different that her whole expression changes:

Later that same year I ordered some more Soom eyes from Safrin doll to test their blue eyes for some of my dolls. Some of the eyes were the old style (they’d been in storage) and some were newly stocked and made with the new style. There’s a clear difference between the old and new types so it’s not hard to recognize them.

The far right one is the new type, you can see from the shadows and the pupil reflection.

I also ordered a pair of the Cinderella Star Light Blue limited eyes (the eyes they just recently sold again with some other limited, beware!) in 2014 despite how they were made. I didn’t mind that the rim disappears because they were pictured in a doll, so I knew what I was getting. I put them in my Siren because they’re a lovely bright blue colour. ♥

Or were. The reason I’m writing this entry is that a few months ago I looked at my Siren (took her out of storage) and noticed that she was wearing green eyes. Wtf?? I took them out and examined them and yup, they had yellowed like crazy. They’re less than two years old. And the doll that’s been wearing them has been in storage most of the time I’ve had her. When I noticed the yellowing, I immediately dug up my Soom eyes from storage and examined them. True enough: all the new type blue eyes were more or less green. I have two pairs of bluemarbles left, so you can see the difference in their colour clearly.

I’d recommend to not buy new Soom eyes (especially blues) unless you don’t want them to yellow like crazy, because this is just horrible. All my older type Soom eyes are fine. None of them have yellowed like this -and they’ve been in a doll that’s on display 24/7 364 days a year and get natural light. Mostly it’s the white parts that have gotten slightly yellow and some parts of the colour maybe (like in the above zinnias) but they’re not a completely different colour. Their domes don’t turn yellow in a year. =__= This pisses me off so bad because Soom eyes are not cheap, and yet they’re made like crap nowadays.

I am now wondering where to get the right colour eyes for some of my dolls to replace their old good quality (but dulled) Soom eyes. -__-;; And where the hell will I get young!Kilbas nice eyes since Yami stole his.

Almost like a new arrival (Warning: NSFW!)

This post relates to my original Zenith comparison again. And this entry is going to be looong.

Remember how I said I’d love to have the new body’s legs and the rest from the old body? Well, with Iria that’s not an option because she needs the new arms for the armour parts, but changing the torso would also be a HUGE step-up because the new body torso joint is just insufferable. I get so frustrated with its lack of posing and snapping back that I’ve been ready to throw the doll at a wall several times. 。゜(`Д´)゜。

So, I went and asked Souldoll if they would sell me the old body torso alone. To which they replied that it’s impossible. They have issues with casting the old bodies (which is why any orders with the old female body are delayed by a lot apparently). I replied and posted them photos of my body comparisons and said that I was very displeased with the new body and that it’s not worth what I paid for it. I also pointed out that they’re still selling the old body, so why can’t they make the torso for me. But they replied that they’ll be discontinuing it shortly. Clearly, they’re not willing to fix the master molds despite a lot of people liking the look of the old body. (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
They said they’d offer to sell me parts from the new body, but what the hell would I do with those? The new body is the problem in it’s entirety. And also that they’ll be looking into fixing the problems with the new body… sometime. Mainly the resin dust and gapping issues, probably not the shape of the joint, I don’t know. But for now there was no solution for me, so I gave up.

Then, later that same day I got an email from Souldoll that said they found an old body from their warehouse that had resin dust issues in the arms, but the torso was okay, so they could sell that to me. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I nearly jumped out of my seat. But the message didn’t mention a resin colour, so I was a little wary and asked them if it was white skin. But nope, I got an instant reply saying that they’re sorry, they got confused and that the body they had was normal skin. (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

At that point I was even more disappointed. When I messaged them, I was thinking that the worst they could do was say no. After their email I got my hopes up and then got shot down even lower than I was before. I wanted to forget the whole thing at that point. =____=;;

But then, the next morning I had another email from Souldoll waiting in my inbox, saying that they found one more body from their warehouse and that was white skin. (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ Whoop~! I was instantly like yes, yes I’ll buy it, yes! Let me buy it (even if it’s yellowed, I’ll take it )! I was afraid of mentioning this purchase anywhere because I was still kind of sceptical that I’d get it. They could send me the ns one, or a new torso… or it could get lost in the mail and I’d never get it ever… endless possibilities for a pessimist. :P

But now it’s here!
ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ
Even more miraculous that it managed to slip past customs. Nowadays they grab even damn tiniest letters, so how they let this one slide by, I have no idea. But saved me some 30€ there.

tl:dr Bought a new (old body) torso for Iria from Souldoll

Had to make a box opening because this almost feels like getting a new doll (mostly because Iria has just been sitting on my doll shelf since her arrival as I hate the body):

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Senior Withdoll Girl (SWD) Shoe review

I finally received the renewed legs and feet from Withdoll today, so I dug up my SD shoes and did some quick tests.

I didn’t review the shoes in the original SWD post because the feet were so tiny they didn’t fit any shoes I had. I suggested that Withdoll make them bigger by certain measurements and they did. Now the feet are okay to balance on and they fit into lots of shoes.

(Tata’s paradise SD16 shoes)

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Senior Withdoll Girl (SWD) review

Mizya and I were able to get Withdoll’s new SWD girls a bit ahead of everyone else, to review the dolls and show everyone a different styling. We received them today and took some photos of the body before getting to the painting. This is still a prototype of the body and they might make improvements to it before the final release.

I have the Margery head on the SWD body in these photos. She wears a 8-9″ wig and 16mm eyes. I had hoped that 14mm would be fine for her, because I have plenty of those but no, they make her starey.

First of all, I compared the SWD to the mini girl. They’re both gray skin and it’s worth noting that although Pris is from 2011, the colour is pretty much the same (with the exception of Pris having yellowed). WD colours are very consistent.

The Margery is very similar to Priscilla. But her nose is smaller & softer and her eyes are much larger, making the bigger doll actually look younger. I do wish the head was slightly smaller all in all (if she wore 7-8″ wigs and 14mm eyes, it’d be quite perfect).

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Resin comparisons

Something I did today. I asked Withdoll for some of the colours I’m missing as samples, and they sent them all. xD An army of feet. I took out other company dolls and parts while I was at it.

D-storic milky white and Withdoll white are both paper white. Souldoll is the next whitest and after that the newer Soom, Fairyland and WD cream white match. WD rose white looks like Dream of Doll’s current normal skin (I don’t have it anymore, though). And so on…

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