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Preview: Seere & the winter

I took Seere out the other day because the weather seemed nice. However, it got cloudy and started snowing as soon as I got outside, so I will be re-doing this shoot, and I’ll have someone else with her too. I also have plans for a wintery Sigrun shoot. I’ll be doing both once the weather gets cold again and we get some new snow. Right now all the snow has fallen off the trees and the snow is full of holes and stuff that’s fallen off the trees.

I hope to be able to re-do this soon. x3


That’s what Seere is. :3

I was only supposed to take a few snowy portraits of her but I ended up snapping 140 shots. Obviously I thinned them down. Didn’t like any of the full photos either, so it ended up as a “few portraits” in the end.

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A Monsters’ Teaparty

Some Valentine’s Day themed photos in a way. It’s “friends day” in Finland, not a lovers’ holiday. So my rather unlikely pair of friends is having tea together.

I will re-do this some day when I have better furniture or a possibility for a nicer setup, because these are quite horrible.

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Gun style

Oh look, more Seere. x3

I gave her Taniths arms because I just can’t stand the renewed elbows. With Tanith they work a bit better because she’s strung more loosely and her fingers are thicker so I don’t have to be constantly afraid of breaking them when the arms snap all over the place by themselves.
I’ll only switch back if I need to so a shoot where Tanith’s arms need to pose naturally, lol.

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Queen of Corsets

I had a bit of a break from dolls (and pretty much the internet, too). But yesterday I went out and took some Seere snapshots. Unfortunately it started raining and thundering in the middle of my shoot, so I had to return inside pretty quickly.

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