Born of Winter

I forced myself to go outside for some overdue winter photos yesterday. It was a nice Sunday so it had to be done. I’m not feeling very inspired despite the nice weather, but I did have a good time at least and it resulted in some decent photos. I should work on her new headdress and do some airbrushing, since I bought more paints on Saturday, but I haven’t gotten to those yet. Slowly, but surely…

Sorry they’re a bit repetitive. I should really take more than one doll out at once, but it’s more hassle and I don’t really have many I could take. Unless I continued my stories, but they’d require some creative solutions. x_x

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New year, new bling

Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve taken photos of my dolls. Or really done much with them. The end of the year was slow time for me regards to the hobby. I didn’t even get to make use of the holidays sales most companies had, because the company I wanted a doll from did release what I wanted, but refused to add another colour option, so I didn’t get my Cin. I’ve been waiting for a re-release of that doll for 3 years, and nope. Probably have to wait 3 more. Sucks, because the gender balance of my collection is really off right now, and I’d need more guys. Nox needs a body, but so do some of my girls (mosly Ye Rin, but I haven’t done research for her yet). I’d also love to re-shell Lilya (again) because Souldoll released a face that’s quite perfect for her and the head is probably, maybe, smaller than her current head. Which would save my ass. Unfortunately they won’t sell the head separately, but they do sell the body (Vito), so splitting it is probably useless. Sigh. Vito is waaay too tall for her and completely the wrong shape. Her current body is already too tall (46-47cm), so 50cm? No!

My only doll related activity as of late is re-painting Yami. I was never happy with her face up because I just originally painted her as quickly as possible in order to have her all together. Then, I was too lazy to fix her. I’m still not happy with the face because I ended up rushing it, but I do think it’s better than before. Character wise.

Since she has a new face, I took some photos of her. The lighting is bad, with stupid shadows on her face, but at least she works artificial lights decently. Most of my dolls don’t.

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Some of you might’ve noticed that my domain was down for a while. This was because some very bored hacker had exploited an old form I had on my page and gotten to my site that way. I got the site back up and running, but unfortunately I had to restore my blog from an older back up (from September) and I lost some content. Most notable the newest story, which I very unluckily did not save on my computer. For the first time ever I wrote it straight into the blog, instead of my computer first. I’m going to have to re-write it when I have time (though it’ll be slightly different), as well as try to remember what photos I’ve posted since… August. Luckily there isn’t that many of those because I haven’t been very active, but it’s still extra work. Sorry about that and bear with me while I try to get this back up to date.

Bored hackers hack random doll sites, lol?

Edit/ Hah, managed to restore the story from google’s cache, but the other entries’ commentary and comments are gone for good, I’ve only reposted the photos for now.

Story: Different Strengths

More Hexia. I found this place while taking our cat out for a walk and just knew I had to come back here. Unfortunately, it was kind of dark today and I couldn’t really take advantage of the really pretty stream at the location, but maybe some other time. There was this pond-like area in it that looked like a siren could live in it (ideas, so many ideas). It was really small (doll size) and yet very deep. At first glance I thought the water would be up to my hips, but I tested it with a long branch and the bottom was so soft that I would’ve sunk in it chest deep. It was really quite magical and yet a little bit creepy. I will definitely take advantage of the location again. Towards the end some old dude came to the area and instead of using the ready made path, he decided it would be better to walk on the forest side and he was making a ton of noice stepping on branches all over the place. It was just weird.

This isn’t quite a proper photo story, although I filled the spaces with text, but it isn’t quite a shoot either. So, yeah. Anyone interested enough can read it and the rest can just look at the (slightly repetitive) photos.

Era was definitely a being of light. Any way you looked at it, she belonged out there in the brightness. Even when the sun wasn’t out, she seemed to have a glowing aura around her.

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I’ve been in a bit of a doll coma this summer. I’ve been working on commissions and generally haven’t had time or energy for my own dolls. But I’m trying to activate myself a bit before summer is over. Mostly because I have some ideas and a few locations I want to shoot at.

First up is Siren photos from yesterday. I’m going to add to this shoot later -or make a set of its own if the light is completely different, because I left out things I wanted to do. The sun turned away too soon. :( Sorry for the repetition

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Animecon 2016

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been busy and it’s been rainy for photos anyway. I attented Animecon this weekend and thought I’d post a tiny little update. I’m still too tired to actually write about it properly, but let’s just say that it was my first con in 9 years. I’m a lazy con person because for me, my anime/manga hobby is quite personal and I’m not very interested in attending panels and the like. (Now, if a favorite seiyuu of mine came to Finland, I would probably travel to see him/her, although I passed on Yamaguchi Kappei-san the last time because I was broke.) However, the con came to Jyväskylä this year so I kind of HAD to visit because I live here. No excuse to pass it up. And I’m glad I didn’t. Paviljonki was an amazing place to have the con at: there was a lot of space although there were thousands of people, and it wasn’t too hot inside the building either. I especially enjoyed the sales hall and artist alley, although I’d thought I wouldn’t buy anything because of the prices (cheaper to just order online), and yet I still ended up with stuff the minute I entered the hall, whoops.

I enjoyed seeing a lot of amazing Finnish artists at the alley and took a number of business cards so that I can find their art again. I was kind of on a 0€ budget but still managed to buy some stickers because who could resist little owls? I so wanted some prints too, but just couldn’t muster the money for now.
It was also fun to spot people cosplaying characters I actually knew. Majority seemed to be characters I’ve never heard of before because I watch different kind of anime and am really picky about it, but it just made things more challenging, haha.

For a very thorough report of the con, go check out mizya’s blog post. I spent time with her throughout and also met up with Petra and Turre. However, as I was carrying a doll on Saturday and Sunday, I opted to not take my 1,2kg camera with me. Instead, I just had my reeaaaally old phone with me that does not take good photos. But good enough for me. Mizya has a lot of good photos, so go check out those.

I took Kiyori dressed as almost!Kirika with me on Saturday and Yukihi (as herself) on Sunday.

This was on Sunday with Turre, Petunia and Mizya’s dolls. We posed them for a photo because a person with a #eikiusita anti-bullying campaign banner came to ask if he could take a photo of the dolls with the banner. I totally support any anti-bullying campaign as I was a shy kid and was bullied in elementary school (not as badly as many others, though), and never completely fit in anywhere later either. I come off strong with my opinions, I know, but bullying is never okay.

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Hex arrives

I ordered Withdoll’s Dark Vera in their new pale brown skin tone back in February with a 3-month layaway. A first time I ever used a layaway on a doll purchase. I don’t usually feel comfortable buying something if I don’t have the money saved up, but it was Withdoll so I felt a little more at ease sending the payments piece by piece (since I’ve talked to them a lot). I spent every month scraping up the funds for the next installment and kept pushing back my plans to get the rest of the stuff she needs: mainly eyes and shoes. I managed to get her a wig, but it still needs a lot of work although I’ve already straightened and cut it.

Withdoll shipped her like a week after I’d finished the layaway so I really didn’t have time to get her anything. But here she is, still incomplete, but so lovely!

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Random photos entry 2/2

And now for the very few BJD randoms I have.

Miy is turning 11 next month. She’s been sitting in the same clothes in the same pose on my shelf for years, but a few months ago I took her out and made her new pants, yay. \o/ I love her despite never playing with her. She’s the oldest doll I have left (and my second doll ever). And I think she’d need a new fresh face up but with my track record, that will probably take a few years.

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Random photos entry 1/2

I’m just throwing in DD’s and Azones into this thing, because I don’t want to make three separate entries. Sorry. :P (I tend to like things well categorized but sometimes there’s gotta be exceptions.) These two doll types are close enough anyway. The few BJD photos I have will get a second entry.

I had a long pause from dolls where I didn’t do much, but in the past month or two, I’ve been more active again and although I haven’t done many full shoots, I have single photos of several of my dolls. So, I’ll be posting all of those here for now. There are just 1-3 of each set, so it doesn’t make much sense to give them their own entries.

Starting with Yuyuka. I re-did her face up and I was taking test photos of her here. But the face photos were boring, so I didn’t resize any of those. I need to take new ones soon.

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Apple blossom meet

I attended a doll meet on May 28th, and I guess it was officially a BJD meet, but DDs and Azones kind of took it over. I didn’t take many photos because the time just flew by. I had intented to take nice shots from the other owner’s dolls too, but I should’ve done that _first_ because I then got stuck taking photos of Kiyori in the tree (posted those already). But anyway, these are the few general photos I took (mostly of the group photo) and the few Yukihi photos I had.

The attendants were: myself, mizya, Pihlajakoto, Turre, Sweetneat/Milly and Kesakeru.

DDs and Azones galore!

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Another Zoo visit

Alright, this is my second visit to Ähtäri Zoo this year, and ideally we’d like to make one more towards the end of the year, before actual snows. But we’ll see. We were in a group of four and like city people (which we’re not, me maybe most), we all forgot to take mosquito repellent with us. I don’t know what’s wrong with us, we should all know how horrible the mosquitoes get in this country. And let me tell you, those little demons were infernal. We were all full of bites by the end and our trip included a lot of curse words. Such a perfect meal we were.

Another unfortunate coincidence was that 5 bus loads of school kids happened to arrive at the same time. Sigh. Luckily they moved quite swiftly, although they were many in number. So, they weren’t horribly distracting, not including the swarm of little people scaring the otters into hiding and a group of very obnoxious boys making intentional racket (stomping their feet and chanting something loudly) and then being snotty about it when they were told to stop. I’m fine with kids that don’t realize that they’re doing something wrong as long as they stop when someone points that out, but do NOT be snotty about it when you’re being scolded. The people were bothered and so were the animals, poor things.

I took a gazillion photos again, and ran out of space on my memory card -again. Unfortunately I had my camera on the wrong setting through the whole trip, so it didn’t focus as well as it could have. Oh well, next time I’ll be vigilant. This time it was also super hot, so we missed some animals, but I also saw two of the animals I’ve never seen at Ähtäri before (being active anyway) because we entered right when the gates opened.

I posted the photos of my last trip here.

And here we go, starting with the wolverines. I’ve never seen them here before, although I’ve always wanted. They got food and were very active and playful. I got a ton of photos with them licking their lips, too (unfortunately none of them properly in focus). So cute, and damn, their fur looked so shiny and nice. ♥

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Apple blossoms

I went to a doll meet in an apple tree garden this past Saturday. Well, it’s more like a public park, so they’re not taking care of the lawn and stuff, so there was a sea of dandelions kind of ruining the scenery, but some of the trees were blooming so amazingly that I got really camera happy with my dolls (mainly Kiyo). (~ *3*)~ This is also where I took my Lin photos last year.

I took my two swings to the park and set them up on different trees, so everyone got some swing photos as well. :3

This is just my Kiyori shoot. I’ll post my Yukihi photos later and a group shot of all the dolls that attented.

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