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Shipping price update and a sale!

Long time no see! I have not been sewing for quite a while due to health reasons, so the shop hasn’t seen any updates either. Although there are no new items, I wanted to do a small update I’ve been thinking about a while, and that is shipping prices.

So, from today onwards the shipping prices have been reduced considerably -which means that the items themselves are a little bit more expensive. Ordering many items in one order will still incur some spicy shipping prices to certain locations, as our shipping prices are weight based. There is nothing I can do about it as our postal service just keeps on raising the prices. However, from now on the shipping price on the envelope will not match what you pay during checkout, you will pay less.

There is also a 50% sale up until the end of the month! You need to have a subtotal of 35 Euros or more in the cart and it’ll activate. :3

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Pre-holiday sale!

I have put up a store wide sale of 25% and it will run until the Finnish Indepence Day of Dec 6th.

PLEASE NOTE that though the cart gives a delivery time estimate, it might not be accurate. The times are from the postal service site and do not reflect the current situation of the world. Also, holiday season is coming up and there may be further delays. I can not guarrantee that anything ordered during the sale will make it for christmas for example! Sometimes mail I’ve sent to the states in December has taken two months to get to the States for example. Please be prepared to wait.

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Hello everyone, I realize there haven’t been any updates to the stock content lately, and that is because my time and interests have been elsewhere.

However, the shop is functioning even during this uncertain time. I can ship out orders, but I strongly recommend tracked options. There may be cases where the post office applies restrictions though, and if that happens I will then either change to a similar shipping option or contant customers about what to do. I can either hold orders or cancel and refund them in the case that I’m not able to ship them out.

Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe. 🙂

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Welcome to Dimensiondolls Store!

I’m Yenna and I’ve been in the Ball-jointed doll hobby since 2005. I’ve also been sewing for dolls for almost as long. I am a graduated seamstress and do my best to make doll clothes of professional quality and fit.

This is a little store that includes not only my design doll clothes of “Dimensions Style”-label, but also pre-owned items from other brands. You’ll find the product categories in the above menu bar ^
All my original products are listed in their respective categories. Everything else is in the pre-owned category and listed tagged with the “used” -tag.

I run this store by myself and make every product myself by hand. When ordering from me, you can be sure that I’ve made and packaged the order for you and taken care that everything is just right when it leaves my hands. I might make mistakes sometimes, but please do contact me if that happens and I’ll do my best to fix things. Just understand that it may sometimes take me a few days to get back to you, as I do this on my free time and life sometimes gets in the way.

Also if you have any questions or comments prior to ordering, please send me an .

Welcome again, and happy shopping!