Store contents

This store includes not only my design clothes "Dimensions Style"-label, but also pre-owned items from other brands. All my original products are listed in new condition and have the brand logo on the product details page. Everything else is in the pre-owned category and listed in used condition.  

There are some limitations to the shipping system options in the cart, and if there are large products (such as shoes or doll parts from the used category) the shipping options may stop showing or give wrong prices. In these cases, please use the contact form with links to the products you wish to purchase. I can then make a custom order for you with the right shipping option.
In any case, if the cart offers you a cheaper option, you don't have to select the maxi shipping. That is only for items that exceed a certain thickness.

In the case that you feel like the shipping options don't seem right or there are any other problems with making an order, also please use the contact form and I will see to the issue.