Sewing commissions

I can make virtually any type of clothing as long as I have access to the materials and the right size doll to model the clothes on. I have some fabrics in stock, but I will most likely have to rely on our local fabric store for most outfits -which is why very specific cosplay outfits may be impossible. I also do not dye, paint or embroider outfits. Accepting your commission will depend on if I can get the needed materials for it or not and if I have time to take on more work at that moment. 


♠ Send me an email to my personal email (yennaibi at gmail dot com), with the type of outfit you are looking for, in what colour(s) and for what doll --this is important! We can't move forward before I know what size it needs to be made for. I will then see if I have/can get the fabrics for it. We'll then discuss the timetable and pricing.  


♠ I own dolls of most sizes from 30cm tinies to 70cm males, and can thus make loose clothing for almost any size. However, for fitted clothing I will need to own the right type doll or one very similar, or I won't be able to guarrantee the fit. I also won't be able to sew for dolls that are a drastically different size from everything I own.
The bodies I can sew fitted clothing for are as follows:

Tinies Minis Large Special parts I can take into account
  • MsDoll tiny
  • Soom Teenie Gem
  • Narae 43cm small bust
  • DIM G.S.E large bust
  • Withdoll female large/small bust
  • Withdoll new male
  • Dollzone old 1/4 boy
  • Azone AZ02 body (G bust)
  • B&G old boy body
  • Volks Dollfie Dream (DDS, DD, DDdy)
  • Withdoll Senior girl (large/small bust)
  • Iplehouse EID female (M bust)
  • Luts Delf boy
  • Luts Senior Delf boy
  • Souldoll Zenith Female /SM SG new female
  • Soom SG male & female (old type)
  • Dollshe old Hound body
  • Dollshe pure body
  • Souldoll Shiva 4-arm torso
  • Soom SG Vesuvia tail part
  • Soom Sard/Arkose feet
  • Soom Glati hooves
  • Withdoll Priscilla armours
  • Souldoll Justitia armours

♠ If you want to commission clothing for a size I do not own, please let me know the bust, waist & hip measurements + any other important measurement for the clothing in question, and I will see if any of my dolls are close in size. If you're in the EU, you can also send your doll's body in the mail. -As for a mnf girl: I don't own one, but the Withdoll body is so close that I can make most clothes (though I may need additional measurements). Just understand that the clothes might look a little different on them because of differences in body shape and measurements.  


♠ I make each piece of clothing specifically for my customers and charge for the materials + time it takes me. This includes making the pattern or modifying an existing one. I can not give an exact price for the commission before I'm finished with it, but once I know what I will be doing, I can give an estimate.

Example prices of clothing I have sold:
Pants/Jeans 28-35€
Side-opening pants for Soom special legs 40-50€
Casual shirts 15-20€
Corsets: 45-70€
Winter coats: 50-90€
Fully lined MSD kimonos: 90€
MSD fantasy uniforms: 160€


♠ If the commission requires me to acquire the fabrics or other materials (from physical store or online order) or it's a particularly large commission, I will ask for a 30% down payment of the price estimate before I begin the commission. In other cases I only require payment once I am done with your commission. I will ship within 3 business days once I have received full payment + shipping fee. In the case that you can not pay once I am done, I will put the outfit up for sale on my store or sell it privately.
--I may ask for the down payment also if I see you have negative feedback somewhere.

Please understand that I will not copy another artists designs without their permission, or repeat very character specific commissions for other people. Something similar will usually be alright, as long as it differs from the original enough (both in colour and style). Eg. Cosplay purpose outfits are fine, but if I have made someone an outfit for their original character that has specific details made, I will not repeat it for another person.  


♠ All my prices are in Euros and include PP fees. I can also add the items to the store if you wish to check out through the cart.

♠ I accept Paypal (CC & balance) as well as European bank transfer.

♠ All payments must be sent in Euros.  


♠ I ship worldwide from Finland. Shipping options are the same as in the store, but I can (and will) calculate them manually for better accuracy.

♠ I will ship most commissions with airmail as default, but for the more expensive outfits, I prefer to use registered mail as it is more secure. *Insured mail is not available to every location.

♠ I do not require insurance. Please keep in mind that if you do not choose insurance, I am not responsible for loss or damage in transit unless the item is misaddressed or poorly packaged.