Future: After (30/06/09)

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He led her in to their bedroom.

"Null!" Sebille gasped.

"What have you done to our room?"
He was full of surprises today, wasn't he. "It's looking so... classy."

The woman was glad she would finally be able to sit down and rest her feet. The dress weighed at least a third of her body weight and it'd been extremely heavy to carry all day. But what wouldn't she do to look good.

"Finally some peace..." she sighed.

"You really went above and beyond today."

"Just be careful. I might get used to all this pampering."

He took off his jacket and sat down.

"I know you didn't like the ceremony with all those people..."
"Doesn't matter now."

Yes, it no longer did. But Sebille had been able to sense his frustration all morning, and then she left him to deal with the people of this house for the duration of the party, while she conversed with her friends.

The ex-model gathered the veil into her hands, "Help me with this corset? I'd like to finally breathe."

He moved closer silently and began freeing his wife from her garments.

She would devote herself to him for the rest of the day.

Once the corset was off and thrown to the floor, Sebille looked at the man; "I do wonder how you managed to get me a dress like this..."

A sly smile visited the corners of his lips momentarily, but he never spoke.

"I thought I'd never get to wear anything like this again... I was both happy and sad about it."

She hadn't realized how much she'd missed suffering in tight-fitting clothes.

Looking at the fabric rose, she sighed: "And now I won't have any more chances to wear these kinds of outfits again."

Then, as if she'd only realized something just now, she lifted the heavy hem and moved closer to Null.

"I seem to be complaining about everything all the time, but..."
Her hands moved to his chest, fingertips feeling the texture of his clothes, "I've loved everything lately."

"So, thank you."


" ?"

"Heehee~ I've wanted to do this since the moment I put this dress on." She giggled while sitting in the middle of a fabric heap also known as her dress.

The weight on the bed shifted as her husband moved towards her.

"I know that look."

" ... I know it very well."

His fingertips slid slowly from her chin to her neck as he moved closer.

And then, they fell on the soft hem together.

"I'm happy now," she whispered.

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