Future: Goodbyes (05/07/09)

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The man had his coat on already. He was ready to go.

Lips touched soft hair.

Sebille was angry with him.

Or more accurately; she wanted to be.

Null pulled her down on his lap.

"It's just a few weeks," he kept his voice down to not wake the sleeping girl, and moved closer to her lips.

But Sebille turned from him, not allowing him any affection.
Her voice was also but a whisper, "I won't say goodbye to you."

It would've sounded so final.

She stood up.

And kept her back to him.

" ..."

Sebille could hear him stand up. Still, not because of him making sound, but because of the bed squeaking slightly.

Null, getting the hint, walked past her silently.

Only to be stopped by surprisingly strong arms coming from such a small being.

" ?"

"Don't you dare get yourself killed," she breathed out.


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