Future: Special friend

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They had just entered Hati's room.

She was happy that it was no longer a struggle to get him into the house. Ever since actually meeting everyone, he'd relaxed so much that the difference was tremendous.

The footsteps of a small child interrupted their conversation before it had even properly begun.

"Hati aunty, look!" Camille flailed her arms to show off her outfit.

Hati turned to the girl; "Oh, the dress is finished already? Don't you look pretty."

Camille walked to Hati, but did it in a way that avoided Hyun. She even tried to hide behind her as looked at the man shyly and whispered, "Who is he, aunty?"

"Well, this is..."

"...Hyun." the man finished Hati's sentence and smiled in a friendly manner: "Nice to meet you."

The child just stared at the man for a few moments before turning back to Hati:
"Is he your special friend?"

The woman inhaled, "Cam, where did you hear that from?"
"Uncle Fen said he was. ...Is he?"

"I think I'm just a regular friend." the man smiled.

It was true, and yet Hati felt a small stab in her stomach as he said it.

Camille didn't seem impressed, "You won't do kissing when I go away?"

Hati gasped; "Cam!"

(She wished they would.)

"Heehee~ Bye!" the girl giggled and ran off.

"Tell your uncle Fen to stop giving you strange ideas!" Hati yelled out after her.

And then she let out a nervous laugh. That had been so embarrassing.

But luckily the man hadn't noticed it.

"Cute kid..."

"Yes... and it seems like she's inherited all of Sebille's straightforwardness."

"Sebille's...? So that was her kid?" He looked at the door.

Hyun was a little slow today. She'd never mentioned another child living here so he should've realized who the little princess was. But she was not at all what he would have expected from Null's child. He wasn't sure what he had expected, though. Maybe someone that was more seious and less... frilly.

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