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"Null... there's something I'd like you to think about..." Sebille started hesitantly.

The man turned to look at her, indicating that he was listening.

What she was about to propose to him was difficult and she knew he wouldn't like it.

"I've been thinking about... Camille and you."

"See, she's going to need a father with a name eventually..." she was stalling.

Touching his cheek carefully she continued, "I was hoping that you'd be... Sean to her."
"He's dead" Null answered without hesitation.

"I know you don't believe me, but I don't think he is."
" ..."
"If 'Null' was all you are, I don't think I'd be here anymore."

Null was heartless and cold. He was what he strived to be; what he had to be when he worked. She'd realized it along the way.

"You may have thrown away your name, but you never lost who you were."
He's voice came out a whisper: "You're wrong."

Sean was an innocent boy, turned Null by his father. And Null desperately wanted to keep his innocence by clinging to the thought that he was gone and all that was left was the new him.

Sebille slid her hand behind his neck and moved her body forward, "I know you don't want to believe or accept it, but there's a reason I brought this up."

"Camille will eventually go to school... she'll have friends that'll want to know about her father, and she can't tell them you're 'Null'."

The man looked up at her, but before he could say anything Sebille spoke again: "Yes. She is going to school and that's not negotiable."
" ..."
"She got so much of her personality from me that I know she couldn't handle being home schooled. She will go."

"You can't shelter her forever."

He looked away again, " ..."

The woman kissed his temple; "Null... that's what I'll call you, forever if you want, but it's not all you can afford to be."
" ..."
"You want her to have a normal life, don't you?"

He lifted up his hand and touched her cheek with his fingertips,"I'll think about it..."

"...Thank you."

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