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Well, this was a surprise.

"Null... What are you doing in my room?"
She sounded rather bewildered -which she was.

Null sitting on her bed. And as usual, he hadn't paid a glance to her just yet.

She absolutely needed to tell him that it would be polite for him to look at her when she arrives.

"Waiting for me, perhaps?"
A question she knew the answer to.

And when he finally turned to look, he could no longer look away.

"What? I was out."
" ..."



"You were waiting for me...?"

He was still looking and not answering her question.

She found it interesting how he was normally so reserved and always touched her with decency but... he never tried to hide the way he looked at her.


"We need to talk."

Well, that was never good.

" ..."

Now she was nervous.

"It's nothing bad, right?"
" ..."

Still no answer.

"Null, please... answer me..."

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