Hidden 23/12/2007

(This happens right after the previous story.)

Sebille straddled him and stood in front of him on her knees.

"So... what's the problem here?"

" ..."

He still refused to look at her.

"You've never had an issue looking at me, so why now?"

He never looked up at her and the silence was long and uncomfortable until he spoke:
"I don't want to... hurt you."

She raised her brows.
"And exactly how rough are you when you let yourself get excited?"

Her voice was a bit mocking, although she didn't mean the question that way. She'd noticed he'd been holding back but she hadn't been sure of the reason. Now she was.

"I'm not made of glass and I can handle myself."

He put his hand on her hip, exhaled and leaned his forehead against her chest.

This time the silence wasn't uncomfortable and Sebille whispered:
"I won't break."

She understood him in a way... but he was still being way too careful. It was sweet, yes, but she'd prefer him to not be so cautious. She really wouldn't break.

When he finally raised his gaze, she noticed something 'new' in his eyes. He portrayed his emotions through his eyes and she was used to it, but this... this she'd never seen before.

"Well, this is new... What are you plotting?"

It wasn't threathening. It wasn't curious, confused or cold. There was a sort of playfulness in his eyes but it wasn't quite that, either.

He opened the single button holding her- well, his shirt closed, looking at her with those mystery eyes she couldn't desipher.

Sebille spoke as he slided his fingers over her skin:
"Uhh... Well, whatever it is... I like it."

Before she knew it, she was on her back and he was holding her down.

He kissed her with the kind of feeling she'd never felt him kiss before. There were no more inhibitions or caution -so to say.

She was really liking where this night seemed to be taking them.

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