Beautiful 24/12/2007

Null woke up.

He was feeling a little dissoriented waking up.

He wondered why and how he fell asleep in the first place, he certainly wasn't supposed to. Maybe he had been a little too comfortable?

He shifted to his side.

And Sebille seemed to still be asleep.

She was the one person that made him feel.

The one person who didn't run away from him.

And the one person that kept returning to him.

She was... amazing, in a way.

His voice barely a whisper he spoke:
"You're beautiful."

Much to Nulll's surprise, she lifted her head and replied smiling:
"I know I am, but thank you for confirming it."

She smiled as he separated from her in a haste.
He clearly hadn't expected her to be awake.

She found it amusing how easily he could be embarrassed. Especially since he was the epitome of calm.

He hadn't been ready to really say that to her and he'd ended up doing it anyway. Women were sneaky.

She sat up as he did his best to avoid looking at her.

But Sebille wasn't about to let him escape.

"You are so easily embarrassed, really"
" ..."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist."
" ..."
"But... thank you."

She meant it. Seb hadn't expected him to be saying such things to her  -not in a long time anyway,

She set herself down into her favorite spot against his side.
"Such a pleasant morning..."

There was a silence that lasted for minutes before he spoke:

To be continued...

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