Her love 26/12/2007

(This happens right after the previous story)

"'Why'? Why what?"
"...Why are you here?"

"I'm here because I fell asleep in this bed"
" ..."

She knew that wasn't what he'd meant, but how was she supposed to answer the question?

She wondered how to tell him so that it sounded right.
"I'm here... because I love you."
" ..."
"---And don't ask me why!"

She knew that question would be coming, and there was no way she could answer that.

She climbed to his level and looked at him. He seemed calm but she knew he wasn't. At least not in the way he normally was.

She could almost feel him flinch.

"I feel safe with you. ... ... And I'm well aware of the irony there."

"And you don't have to worry about figuring what you're feeling."
" ..."
"You're already giving me all I need." ...and I know you care.

My god, could she sound any more corny!? She'd been reading WAY too many cheesy love novels lately, hadn't she?

Also... she was lying. She did wan't him to figure out what he felt but she was afraid it wouldn't be what she wanted.

They shared a silent moment in which she touched his cheek gently.

She really loved those cold eyes of his. That familiar coldness was always in them but they also portrayed his other emotions... It could be her imagination but lately... lately, they'd seemed to show warmth.
Now they were calm.

" ... I want to see both of your eyes."

She moved his hair away...

...and looked at both of his dephtless silver pools.


There was something hypnotizing in her eyes and he was momentarily lost in them, until the slight uncomfortableness of being so close to someone returned to him.

He removed her hand to let the hair fall back into it's rightful place. He needed to hide.

"Hmm... what now, I wonder..."

He still couldn't understand how this had happened. How someone like her existed.
He had always been alone. And he was supposed to stay alone.

Nobody had ever gotten close to him. He'd never wanted anyone to... so, why did he want her to stay?

And why had he let her get this close in the first place? She felt too comfortable and he wasn't one to need or want contact.

Don't look at me like that.

His mind was full of questions. Just questions, and not a single answer.

All he knew was that he wanted her to stay

But he didn't know if she could.


If he could keep her.

...She truly was beautiful.

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