Afraid (24/04/08)

Sebille had run into an old acquaintance... an ex-boyfriend to be exact.

He was still a bastard and she was worried.

There was no way she could defend herself, if and when he returned to his old habits. He was bigger and stronger, foul-tempered and would not take no for an answer. Especially not from a woman.

And Sebille had given him a stern no.

He had gotten bored with his life and barged in on hers. He had no right but he did it anyway. When he couldn't get new girls, he got back to his old ones, trusting that they wouldn't be able to refuse. She felt sorry for everyone who couldn't. She knew, she wouldn't have been able to just a few years back.

Sebille glanced at Null.

He could help her but she didn't know if she should ask him. Yes, her ex was a bastard and belonged behind bars but if she were to tell Null... What would he do? How far would he go?

He would return, and he would return even angrier than he was when she'd left him today.

Sebille was afraid; she'd never admit it, but she was.

Did anybody deserve what Null might do to him? What he could do to him.

Sebille wasn't too keen on getting bruised up and having broken bones, but...


He'd said he'd protect her. Should she let him?

" ...?"

Could she be around people until her ex got tired and left? No.. she probably couldn't, there were always times when nobody else was around; at breaks, on her way home... He could easily follow her.

Sebille smiled a deceptive little smile; "Nothing."

" ..."

If she saw him again, she'd tell Null.

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