Think of the feelings (02/06/08)

Sebille was stopped dead on her tracks.

She didn't know why she was so surprised to see him here.

Maybe it was because of the winter. They hadn't gone out much when it was cold.

But she remembered from last year how he used to always be outside, thinking.

She couldn't bring herself to go closer. She wanted to, but she just couldn't.

She had to get used to not having his support... and to looking at him from afar.

Although, she shouldn't be looking at him at all now.

" ..."

The wind was howling and Sebille didn't notice Null before she saw him move from the corner of her eyes.
Not that she would've heard him anyway, knowing his silent step.

He hadn't tried talking to her. And it hurt.

But, then again, she'd told him to stay away and he was doing it.

She had no idea how he was doing. (But she hoped he was better than her.)

Did he hate her now?

She supposed it didn't matter even if he did.

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