Anger (05/06/08)

Lin had been driven away from the living room. Null had arrived, and while he'd always seemed extremely scary to Lin, he had actually seemed to be ready to snap his neck this time.

And all Lin did was sit on the other side of the couch, napping.

This was the kind of Null he had attempted to shoot months back.

One look from this Null was enough to give him goosebumps all over.

Back then...

Lin had given up and moved on because he was different.


He came to Sebille, worried.


She seemed so melancholy lately, he wondered what had happened... Nobody ever told him anything specific.

"I just ran into Null in the living room, and this may sound stupid because I've always been afraid of him, but... he seemed somehow really murderous. I think he actually glared at me..."

Sebille looked away sadly, but Lin continued.

"I'm kind of afraid to be here now... He wasn't like that before"
There was a moment's silence.

Sebille was still refusing to meet his eyes when she spoke; "He won't hurt you as long as you don't do anything to him..."

Not much of a comfort, really.

"Can't you do anything? He listens to you."
"No, Lin, I can't. I'm sorry."

What on Earth had happened? Sebille didn't seem like she wanted to talk... maybe he should go to Fenrir-san.

"Okay, then... Thank you anyway..."

He left.


Sebille was at a loss. She didn't know what she could do. It obviously wouldn't be right to go and give orders to him now what she'd caused this herself. But then again, Lin wasn't the first person this had happened to. Null had yet to do anything to anyone but he kept being irritated and scary.

She knew he had a good heart and wouldn't really hurt anyone without a proper cause but... he also had a temper when he was like that, and acted on impulse at times. Sebille knew that was her own fault, as he hadn't been like that before she came along.


Okay, that was it. He'd glared at the wrong person. It was fine to be annoyed and angry, but he should direct it towards her, not her friends and especially not at the younger girls in the house.

She stomped her way up to Null.
"Okay, listen up."

She was putting on a cold expression, that she supported with a harsh pose, and refused to let any of her feelings of regret surface. While Null didn't seem too impressed.

Null looked up at her, irritation in his silver eyes.

"You have every right to be angry, but you can't be taking it out on the people of this house. I'm the one that did this and I should suffer the consequences, not them."

Sebille wasn't really this good a person. She wouldn't normally care if he took things out on others, but this time it really annoyed her. He apparently didn't have the guts to say whatever he wanted to say to her face so he let off steam in other ways.

His eyes were piercing cold but she wouldn't falter.

"I hurt you, so take it out on me if you have to let it out."

" ..."

"Is that clear?"
She emphasized every word.

Null still showed no emotion and it both scared and worried Sebille.

"Good!" She scoffed.

Sebille turned on her heels and raced out of the room. Tears were coming up and she would not let him see them.

" ..."

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