Surprised (09/06/08)

Sebille took short steps and moved slowly.

She had finally felt strong enough to read the letter and was now doing so. Though... she hadn't really wanted to, but curiosity took the best of her.

She had been closer to losing Null than she'd imagined.
Losing him forever.

The letter had been his last effort to appeal to her, and if she hadn't gone to the living room the day before, he'd have left and never returned.

It hurt her to know how she'd hurt him. He never said anything but it was written between the lines, it was in his expressions and in his actions. Sebille was more sorry than she could express.

She couldn't believe she hadn't realized how stupid she was being until he said he'd leave.


The young woman was glad she hadn't read this letter yesterday; she might've become hysterical with all the guilt, hurt and troubles.

Hmm? There was something on her bed.


She dropped the letter.

"Oh, wow..."

It was a crow... made of glass.

"Made for you, and only you."

How... He couldn't have picked a figure more fitting. She didn't know anything about what the bird actually represented or symbolized, but... it just... it was so her in every way.

Sebille picked up the glass creature and examined it carefully. Such a beautiful piece of art...

She looked at it for a while and then put it on her night table... she'd need a proper place for it, somewhere were she couldn't break it when she was being clumsy, but somewhere it could be seen.

And what was this? The crow had been standing on it, so Sebille hadn't paid attention to it before.

Was it just a stand or had Null gotten her something else as well? The materialist in her hoped he had.

Sebille's attention was mostly directed to the box but she also saw Null moving in her field of vision.

Oh... wow, again.

Null had never bought Sebille anything, and now... Now he did it in style.

A custom made glass figure and this...

"...It's a garnet?"

"Why do you spoil me like this?"

I've been so horrible to you...

He didn't answer; just took the necklace from her hand.

"Null? Why?"

And still, no answer.

" ..."

"Because I want to..."

Sebille's heart skipped a beat.
"Thank you." She managed quietly.

"And, Null..."

"I'm so sorry again... I was stupid."
" ..."
"I read the letter and... well, I was stupid."

"Can you ever forgive me?"

She found it hard to look at him, and preferred not to.

" ..."

He never answered, but Sebille wasn't really expecting him to, anyway.

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