Hati vs... (19/06/08)

Hati wasn't happy about this. Not only had she not realized Sebille had the same address that Skoll had given her, but she also hadn't had the brains to check that Fenrir wasn't here, too.

She was actually rather happy about getting to meet her old friend after such a long time, but her oldest brother... he was an entirely different story.

That ass, Skoll... she knew he had left out that bit of information on purpose. He was good at hiding things he wanted to be kept hidden... cleverly keeping her attentiion on other, minor things.

"You prick!"

"Hey, what kinda greeting s'that supposed to be?"
He seemed a little huffy.

"You didn't tell me you-know-who is here!"

"Ay, you found out... But if ya knew you wouldn't have come 'ere."

He sat down and Hati moved over a little.
"You're damn right I wouldn't have."

"What's wrong with me wantin' to see my lil' sis, huh?"

"You only want to see me when you want something from me..."
" ..."
"You still  haven't learned to speak properly? And, what's with those lip rings, didn't I tell you to take them off the last time we met?"

"What about yah ginormous hips? Ya wouldn't even fit thru a barn door with those ---I've told ya to lose weight."


And they both laughed.

"Oh, it's so good to see you again, you old goof!"
"You too, kid, you too"

"But you know you're in a world of trouble for tricking me to come here."

"Yah... figured as much."

Now Hati would have to make an emergency plan on how to deal with her 'dear' brother.

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