Remember (14/10/08)

Fenrir was hoping this would work, but his hopes weren't too high.

Skoll had the tendency to... mess things up.

"So, why'd ya call me here?"

Great, he was in a snarky mood. This'd be harder than it should be.

"That a beer?"

Fenrir tried to keep the conversation casual but as usual, Skoll didn't make it easy.


"New hair?"
"What of it?"

Fenrir sighed silently. Really, he'd make it much harder than it should be.

He threw the bottle to his younger brother carefully.

Skoll grabbed it with his right hand. He was actually left-handed, and Fenrir wondered how much he had changed during the years their feud had lasted.

"Even my fave brand..."

The older brother was trying to keep his foul-mouthed brother calm and as clueless as possible, but he was so unpredictable that Fenrir always had a hard time with it. He reached for his own bottle, but was interrupted again.

Suspicious yellow eyes locked on Fenrir;
"Your up to somthing."

Fenrir had barely time to turn around before the bottle he'd just given Skoll came flying back.

Had the brat gotten more insightful as well?


"Just get to the point. I dun need these games."

He sighed to himself and placed the bottle back on the table. The room was silent and the sound of glass connecting with wood echoed clearly in the air.

Fine, if this was how he wanted to play it.

Fen took a deep breath before presenting his question:

"Are you serious about staying here?"

He could just take Hati and leave with her, and things would go back to the way they were. All three of them in the same house just didn't work anymore. It hadn't worked in years.

"Are you serious about turning into a complete faggot?"

(Skoll and his ridiculous counter-questions.)


What did that have to do with anything?

"I'm not turning into anything I haven't always been."

Why did he have to make such a number out of it? Fenrir knew he didn't really care that much. Hardly anything about Skoll was what it seemed. He worked hard to create a certain image of himself and present it to others. Fenrir and Hati both saw through it, but they reacted to him differently. Hati found it adorable but Fenrir... well, he was irritated by it.


"And for you t--- Are you wearing my shirt?"

Skoll turned his back on him and crossed his arms.
"So what if I am? I'll get it back to ya." He snorted.

"That's not the point. You can't just go into my room and snatch my stuff without permission."

Really. Had he come here to purposely drive Fenrir insane?

"Fine, fine. I'll take it off, will that shut yer trap?"

He begun unbuttoning the shirt before Fenrir could say anything.

Skoll was still facing away from his brother, and Fenrir spotted his tattoos when the shirt slid down his shoulders.

The 'grey wolf' had almost forgotten that Skoll had them, for his were hardly ever visible to others. Fenrir had actually begun to think that he'd gotten them removed. That was just how bad their relationship had seemed to be for years now. (Okay, they'd both enjoyed their feud at times, but sometimes things had just gone a tad to far.)

But he still had them...

Fenrir looked down at the back of his hand.

He'd also almost forgotten the pact the three of them had made years ago. They'd been so young and so naive. But still, what they'd decided then didn't seem too foolish, now.

Actually, their current behaviour was much more ridiculous than their childhood dreams.

Fenrir spoke again; "Forget it."

"Say what?" His dark skinned brother turned back to him.
"Just... keep it on."
"Couldn't ya have said that before I stripped down?"

Fen stuffed his thumbs into his pockets but didn't speak.

They'd never be the way they were, but maybe he could get them to get along again. The opportunity was there.

"Can't ya just make up yer mind an' stick to it?"

"Stop pointing at me and put the shirt back on!"

Skoll grumbled something but began re-buttoning the shirt.

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