Kilbas knew something was approaching. And it was not the scorpion this time.

The hunter could not tell what it was before a light jingle carried to his ears.

He had  met the approaching demon only once, years ago, but he had heard of it quite often in the Clan.

The stranger approached with a muted step but was accompanied by a soft tinkling of a small bell.

Their travel cloak was light and well-kept although it dragged along the forest floor.

She was not all that pleased to be in this place. Not because she didn't like the world, but because she was not so fond of the company she would have.

Approaching the man she was to meet, she became cautious.

"You have come to collect this One's head?"

He sounded thoroughly unimpressed, although tense. They should expect him to resist so why would they send someone like this?

"You wish, don't you." spoke a just as unimpressed female voice.

"Then, you can leave the way you came." the male demon snorted.

Ignoring the harsh words the Huntress sat down, making herself comfortable, though never letting her guard down.
"I was sent here with a mission and a message. I do not want to be here anymore than you, so do not make this more difficult for the both of us."

Kilbas was hesitant to seem curious and stalled for as long as he could, before finally asking: "Message?"

"Yes. To do as you're told." she stated matter-of-factly as she removed the hood with long, clawed fingers, pulling another jingle from the little bell in her hair.

A flame inside the Hunter blazed up. The way this creature spoke to him was unwarranted.
"How dare--"

"Those weren't my words. And also, I'm going to be taking over your hunt."

"This One is being replaced?" Something bulged inside of him. He had been here so long... If there ever was something the Hunter loved, it was the forests of this world.

"No." the female flicked a bug off her cape nonchalantly, wording the rest of her sentence carefully; "You will remain here to do your job, but as you seem to be incapable of disposing of one little demon, I have been sent here to... do it for you."

Her voice was dry and seemingly unimpressed, although in reality she was just using it to hide her real emotions.

Two hunters in one place. This was unheard of!

"Do you really expect this One to accept this? To work with something like... you."

Ugh. This was exactly why she hated those of ancient descent. They were so arrogant, always looking down upon the ones that were created.

"I couldn't care less if you accept it or not. You brought this on yourself and I was sent here to fix it. Now, if you don't like it you can always leave and have the Clan chase you down."
" ..."
"Also, call me 'filth', 'lower' or anything else insulting and I'll be the one to slit your throat. I have been recognized by the Clan council and I'm not the least bit less worthy as a hunter than you -or anyone else for that matter. It would do you good to remember that."

Kilbas glared at her, but said nothing more. He thought it would be the best course of action to just let her do as she pleased and have her leave when she's finished. If only he could take in all her insults without killing her.

Then, his eyes caught something on the Huntress' waist.

"Did the Huntress Tanith not use a scythe?"

The woman was slightly impressed that the demon had actually remembered her name. Being the less worthy being that she was in his eyes and all.

She looked down at her dagger.

"I'm trying something different." she lied without hesitation.

"Do not for a second think that I can not kill you with this blade." she threathened. Getting close to her, no matter what she was holding, would be a mistake one would not make twice.

"This One would not be here if I made such assuptions." Kilbas replied confidently, hostility seething from beneath the words.

This was a test and he needed to endure it.

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