No lectures, please  

This was more than surprising.

Somnion walked down a hallway towards the end of a long room.

The place was so clean, spacious and above all: luxurious. But he had a hard time concentrating on it, as he was nervous about being summoned here.

[You seem surprised.] Spoke the elder demon in his mind.

Nion stopped. "This is a palace."

It didn't seem like Khepre's home at all. He'd always imagined he lived somewhere small and cozy.

[This is but one of my homes, I need it to impress certain... characters.]

He was a powerful being but some demons wouldn't accept it unless he lived in style. A small home would undermine his authority.

"Well, I'm impressed."
[You do not need to be.]

There was a short silence, and then Khepre leaned forward:
[Show me your arm.]

Oh crap.

Nion lifted his left arm, "My arm...?"

But the elder demon was already up on his feet, reaching forward.

"No--" he backed away instinctively.

[Show it to me.] His voice rang firm in Nion's head.

And reluctantly he showed his magic damaged arm to the elder demon, unable to look at him.

[Irresponsible child, what did you do!?] he raised his tone as he examined the burned skin. It still felt heated and he must be feeling it down in his bones.

Somnion pulled his arm back; "Don't yell in my head."

He already hated himself enough for it. It was painful and he couldn't use his Claymore at its full capacity.

[Do you have any idea what could've happened? You are lucky you are alive.]
"I know that."
[With everything that I am doing, how do you expect me find the time to fix this, too?]

The younger demon turned away, letting his cape swing freely, "I don't."

"This is my problem, and I'm going to fix it."

The young warrior was about to leave, but turned his head back to gatch a glimpse of his uncle.

[You don't have to acknowledge me, I'm used to it. But do not treat me like a child.]

He'd been a commander in an army and he was strong enough to take Eperia's life even with his curse protecting him. He could fix it by himself, just give him time.

Khepre knew he was capable, but Nion was the only kin he had, and the only reminder he had of his sister, Somlera. He did not want him to perish for something so foolish.

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