On the run again 

"You keep talking but I'm not hearing you." she spoke calmly.

"You should acknowledge how serious this is." The male demon was frustrated, "You don't want to live your life in hiding, hunted by all."

"I find a little danger in life refreshing." Her calm tone irritated the demon. This was not a matter to triffle with.

She stood up, still calm and collected.

Sliding her hands to the back of his neck, she almost whispered; "You. You need to liven up, you're too serious."

"Llyr, what's done is done. Too late to take it back now."

He opened his mouth -about to speak but closed it again.

Suddenly, his eyes focused on something, though he seemed to look straight through the Huntress; "He's coming."

"Kilbas? Where is he?"  she looked at him, suddenly very alert.
"Three kilometres to the South-East. He just passed a large oak tree."  Llyr was somewhat interested in the way every tree seemed to greet him as he walked.

Tanith concentrated but couldn't feel him although she knew where to look. The Hunter was hiding his presence.

"He treats the trees so gently when he thinks no-one is looking." He watched as the Hunter touched the bark of an old tree and mumbled something Llyr couldn't hear.
"How do you---?" she began.

"Distances mean nothing to these eyes."

Handy, she thought, but she was still upset by the loss of his eyes. The Huntress still couldn't tell what he could actually see and it made her uncomfortable.

"You need to go." she finally managed.

The female demon turned her back on him, "Leave before he gets here."
"And let him find you?"

"I'm on his side, remember?"
"Oh, now it's his side, huh?" he sounded sceptical.

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