The demon slipped and his clawed feet slid down the wet moss.


He'd been sweating and breathing hard for a while now. Tanith could tell his strenght was fading though he'd said nothing.

The demon took support from the tree, "I'm fine... just need to rest a bit..."

"Where is he?" a hint of desperation visited her voice.

They'd been trying to get in contact with the most powerful demon Llyr knew since leaving together.

He leaned his back against the tree and exhaled, "I can't find him."

She slid down beside him, "But you can see everything, and you said you can feel your magic from anywhere."

"I can. But he's just gone."
"Do you mean he's dead?"
"No, the magic is still there, he just isn't"

Nor was he in any other world that was close to this one. He hadn't thought much of the disappearance, as at the time Llyr hadn't been looking for him. But to still escape him though he was actively looking for the demon... This was new.

All Llyr's magic traced back to him with an invisible string he was able to grab and pull, but this particular thread had nothing on the other end.

Tanith kept glancing nervously behind her back, as if she was about to be jumped at any moment.

As exhausted as he was, the demon still took notice of her behaviour: "He's not following."

The Hunter had stayed behind to heal his wound.

"Fine. But we're not far enough yet. Can't you find this Kheperer with magic?" she only realized the stupidity of her question once it had already left her lips.
"I don't think so... even if I had enough power..."

"You've never lost anyone you've helped, how is this happening? And now of all times."

"Your guess is as good as mine."

Where was Khepre?

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