A warm house was waiting in calm silence.

And from nowhere a pair of demons landed in the room.

"Wow..." he exhaled, still tingling from the effects of their spell.

The elder demon was silent.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever done."
His fingertips were filled with static energy.

The boy removed his sleeve eagerly, "And look at this arm!"

"It's perfect, like nothing ever happened... Like that constant burn was just a bad dream I had."

"I didn't think it'd go back to normal this fast" he kept talking, but his uncle was not listening.

His legs gave out in a wave of weakness.

"Old man!"

[Perhaps I _am_ getting old...]

This spell had taken most of what he had. And it should too: it had been dangerous, very demanding and power draining.

Khepre knew how much power he had and it had taken everything. Yet, his nephew was still lively and unphased. His powers were monstrous but he didn't realize it himself.

"Wait, let me help you...!"

[There is no need.] With effort, the demon rose back to his feet.

Slowly he walked to his cushion and fell on it.

[Bring me the contents of that chest on the table, would you.]

"Chest?" Nion looked behind him.

He hadn't even noticed it was there before it had been pointed out. Curiosity filled his mind as he opened the lid.

"This is..."

A glass bottle lay in the chest.

"This, is this from... An-Khan?"
[Yes, I am impressed you noticed.]

Nion could feel the special power of the water. Back home it never felt different, but compared to the water here, it clearly held power.
[An-Khanian water holds restorative properties for magical beings such as us.]

[Especially this water from the spring of Ish-Dal]
"The holy city!? You actually snuck in there to get this?"

That city, or more like an ancient village, was banned from all outsiders deemed unworthy, which was nearly all of the population. It was heavily guarded by both man power and magics.

[It was not a hard task, for I know my home very well.]
"Wait... you're from Ish-Dal?"
[That is where I was born... things were different then.]
"My mother as well?"

Khepre uncorked the bottle, [No... she was born in exile. But it is where her heart always lay.]

Nion was silent.

"My f--- Noxnion let me believe that he was the only member of this family to ever have been allowed in the city..."
[I am sure he has let you believe many things that are untrue.]
"He said if I worked hard enough I could be deemed worthy as well. But I never walked the path he wanted me to... I wasn't interested in some dusty old city."

[And now you are?]
"I... don't know, I guess not. And it doesn't matter now anyway. I'm not going back."

Khepre was silent.

This boy had power he, himself, had not recognized yet, but Khepre had seen it today. And he'd certainly felt his unlimited potential as their minds were linked. Somnion was capable of growing into someone that could destroy a world and begin it anew.
But whether he would choose to become such a being was up to him. Khepre would not push his choices as that would make him into another Noxnion, whom he felt deep seethed hatred for.

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