A different kind of introduction 26/04/2007

She was on her way for a relaxing afternoon


There was a stranger sitting on Sebille's favorite couch.

There was something very eerie about him, as well as something very sad.

What was odd, was that Sebille knew this man. She was sure he had seen him before, she just couldn't dig the place and time from the dephts of her memory.

She had been younger --quite a lot younger, that was sure.

Of course, he had been younger too, but he did look nearly the same as the hazy memory she had of him.

He looked up at her and dull grey eyes glistened.

There was a silence.

And she remembered.


It was the man she had passed on a street of Seoul. Just once. His hair was as dark as the night, then.

They had made eye contact.

She still remembered the chills it had given her. There was something very scary about this tall man. Something a bit off. He didn't seem evil, but neither did he seem kind.


This time, however, she didn't get chills and she certainly wasn't scared. Despite the fact that his stare was cold, it seemed sad and somehow gentle.

His face was not expressionless. He smiled slightly but it didn't make him any less eerie -on the contrary, it made him a tad scarier.

It was as if he hated everything, but at the same as if he didn't.
It was vague but he had the smell of a killer.

She walked to him and sat next to him, on her favorite couch.

They sat in silence

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