Talk it out 11/05/2007

Sebille had told Fenrir about what had happened.

Naturally he had freaked at first but now he was calm again and could actually be talked to in a sensible manner.
She knew she was going to get lectured by him. This time, however, she didn't really mind.

"After what happened, I remember you saying that your heart won't be moved by another man"

She didn't answer.

"Has it been?"

She had indeed said so, and meant it. Her past wasn't what she liked to
remember much. Back then, she had lost interest in men... and now she showed curiosity towards the tall man.

"...I suppose I don't have to say this to you again... but still... he's dangerous. You have no idea what he'll do later on..."

"I know that. But... I don't think he's here to kill anyone. You don't either. And well... it's just a feeling but... I don't know..."

In a way it was natural to be curious. For no apparent reason she remembered him clearly, everything else was hazy but he wasn't. She hadn't known him then and she didn't know him now, but he intrigued her. He was... different. And when she said different, she really meant it.

"Are you planning on getting close to him?"
"I'm not planning anything."

She really wasn't. She didn't  plan things, she let them happen. In fact, she already felt close to him. He was hostile and eerie but he somehow didn't frighten her like he had in the past. There was something similar to her in him.

"And would you be so kind as to put out that cigarette? I'm suffocating here."

She had no idea what to expect and she enjoyed it. Her life had been so straightforward so far, painful at times, but the future had always been visible to her and she had always known what she had wanted.

"Oh--! Right..."

Only the good things in her life had been unexpected. Take Fenrir for example, she had bumped into him by accident. Neither could have guessed they'd become the bestest of pals.

He had his faults... but who didn't? She wasn't exactly the model citizen and a perfect friend either.

"No! Not on the--"


She let out a long sigh.

"You should be more considerate of others..."

"Look who's talking. I'm worried here and still you go and do things the way you please."

He was right...

" ..."

She didn't heed the warnings, but it wasn't like she deliberately went and tried to get herself killed.

"Oh well... I doubt I can change you... or stop you if you want to do something."

He sounded like he had given up. Well, she had heard his lectures at least a thousand times already. Maybe he was tired of repeating the same words over and over again?

"No, you really can't" She laughed.

"Yeah... so... just be careful, okay?"

She knew what she wanted to do, but she didn't know if she should.

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