Brave and rather bold 14/05/2007

(Please ignore the fact that the book has mysteriously dissappeared in one of the photos -my mistake ^^;)

Sebille was absorbed in her reading.

But  she still noticed Null's arrival. His footsteps were almost silent and his presence nearly indistinguishable but he couldn't hide his shadow. It fell on her as he stepped into view.

"...Was there something you wanted?"
She didn't mean to come out rude, but she supposes she did -at least a little.

" ..."

Could it be... he still hadn't figured it out?

No... he had. Nobody could be that thick-headed anyway. Besides, that look on his face showed her he had undestood and awknowledged his feelings... but it didn't tell her what he was going to do with them.

Did he want to talk? Or force her into something, so that he'd feel better, so that he'd be rid of the feelings?

That was definitely an option. Someone who's never had any kind of feelings towards other human beings could definitely take that kind of an action.

However, if she'd believed he'd do that, she would've split in time. Her life sucked enough already, she didn't need more misery -unless there was something to gain from it.


"Fenrir was worried that you might attack me again..."

"...I suppose you're not going to do that, though?"

" ...No."

Hmm--mm... So he wasn't planning on 'flooring' her again? Well, that left about a dozen of other options, one of them, of course, an instant kill. For some reason the thought of it didn't seem to bother her. She let out a small laugh.

"So... what is it?"

"Coming all the way out here..."

No answer, huh? Well, it couldn't be easy for him. It's not like he had needed to speak much in his life up 'till now... Or so she supposed.

"You really look like you want to say something. You can just say it, I'm not going to laugh...
I think...
I hope"

" ..."

A minute or so passed, and he spoke, not looking at her. His voice was low:

"...You're really not afraid, are you?"

She chuckled:
"No... I suppose I'm not."

"Besides... seeing someone like yourself like this is kind of... adorable."

Ouch! That propably hurt his pride pretty bad. She just couldn't help saying it out loud. His expression didn't change... much. She figured he wasn't mad about it... did he even know how to be mad?

This wouldn't go anywhere... ever, if she didn't do something soon. So, she decided it was time to get bold and just go with it. It wasn't like she had much to lose.

And it seemed like she wouldn't have to lose that little what she had.

Loupe... I'll be just fine. She thought.

(Note: She calls Fenrir "Loupe")

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