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She was... surprised. No, more than surprised. This was a sight she was not expecting at all. It seemed that she had been surprised more times in the past month or so than in her whole life before.

His hair was shorter... and sand colored.
And what was he doing? She had never, ever seen him on the phone.

The moment he noticed her, he hung up.

Sebille wondered who he had been talking to. He didn't seem like a person with many friends. Sounds a bit harsh but that's just the way he seemed.

"...Am I bothering you?"

And he put the phone away. The call wasn't something he wanted to talk about.

Then again, it wasn't something Sebille wanted to talk about either, as her attention was elsewhere.

"Who are you... and what have you done to Null?"
" ...?"

She was too intrigued. He looked so...


"You've cut your hair... and dyed it"
" ..."

How dumb was that? It's not like he hadn't noticed that himself... Stating the obvious... how lame.

"The colour matches your eyebrows... is it close to your natural colour?"

" ..."

Well, now she certainly felt like she was bothering him. Being so close, touching him (propably unwantedly) and just being clingy. She hadn't been like that before.

It was time to back away... at least a little. She didn't want him to start avoiding her just because she obviously didn't know how to respect other people's personal space.

There was a long silence.

"Umm... yeah. I didn't really have anything to say... or do for that matter..."
" ..."

"I was just passing by and noticed the hair and--- I'm babbling again, aren't I..."

"...Do you want me to leave?"
" ... ...Not really"

"Hmm... I don't think I will, then."

She wanted to get more comfortable. He smelled nice and he made her feel calm.

Before she knew it, however, she had fallen asleep on his lap. She hadn't realized she was that tired, not before her eyelids felt so heavy she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer....

Time passed and he didn't even try to wake her, move her, or leave her.

. . .

Fenrir had been looking for her the whole day. First, she had been in town, then she had been too busy doing... whatever she had been doing, and now... now she was sleeping (?) on Null's lap?


"...She's not asleep, is she?"

"She is..."

She was impossible to wake up once she was sleeping. Not good.

That girl certainly knew how to complicate things. Even if she was comfortable with the new guy, it didn't mean others would be. Why did she think they stayed away from him? Certainly not because they all thought he was a charming fellow.

"...Can you get her to bed?"

Why did he need to be the one asking that? Null was eerie, very much so. What if he didn't want to take her to bed? What if he didn't even like her sleeping on his lap?
Fenrir didn't consider himself a coward but this man really gave him the creeps.


Fenrir would propably have done that himself if she had been sleeping just about anywhere else... He certainly wasn't going to go and pick her up from his lap. That'd be way too close.

He bet Null was amused with Fenrir clearly feeling uncomfortable around him.

He did seem to handle her with care, so Fenrir supposed there was no need to worry.

He could leave her in the tall man's care... right?

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