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In his wake 10/08/2007

This is continuation from this Lin story.

He was mad, wasn't he... Now that was a first.

Normally so calm and collected and now he had started showing some emotion. It was both good and not so good at the same time. He seemed more human = good, but he might do something on an impulse = obviously not good.

" ..."

"That was foolish. Very stupid."

"Do you think I don't know that? How could I not..."
" ..."
"Jumping in front of a pointed gun is hardly smart, is it..."

She had known the moment she did it that it wasn't very smart but it would be the right thing to do. Lin wasn't there to harm them, it had to be merely a coinsidence. He had to be thrown off. Could Null have done it? Probably not. That boy was trembling with anger and probably fear... and she couldn't blame him.


"Why? Do you think I was thinking when I did that? Not everyone can stay completely calm in a situation like that... And I got mad."

"I know what you're thinking...
I know... what's been going on in your mind lately. You knew someting like this would happen sooner or later and I bet you're thinking you should leave before it happens again... Or something else as cliché as that."

"I am... leaving"

"Before there's--"

"Feelings? Before you care? Before someone else cares?"

Now she was mad.

"It's a bit too late for that, isn't it?"

"No! Don't you dare say my name now of all times. And don't interrupt me!"

Yes. He had never said her name out loud. She had been waiting for it and today was the last day she'd want to hear him say it. The very last. She'd rather beat him unconcious than have to hear it.

"How stupid are you? Life isn't a soap opera... God! And yet I feel like I'm living in one!"
" ..."
"What do you think people's feelings are? Do you think you can just trample all over them, dissappear and leave chaos at your wake? Yes. You probably do, since that's what you've always done, haven't you?"

There were no more words left for her. She had either said or thought about everything he could've said.

"Don't even think about leaving just because it's convenient for you! Don't think for a second people don't have feelings just because you don't have any!"

She knew she was going too far but she couldn't stop herself anymore. Someone had to knock some sense into that thick skull of his.

He jumped up. Now he was angry, he was annoyed and he was irate.

"What do you know abou---!?"

Even going as far as to raising his voice. It sent chills down Sebille's spine but she wasn't about to back away. Not before he had heard what she had to say.

"Nothing! I know nothing! Absolutely nothing! And why is that? Because you don't tell me anything!"

He was acting on impulse again. Grabbing her arm, ready to do damage, to anything, possibly to anyone.

"What now?" She said, her tone cold as ice.

"What are you going to do now? Hit me? Or perhaps kill me like you killed that boy's friend?"
" ..."

"I didn't think so."

She jerked her hand away.

"Don't you think about leaving... Don't you think about being that unfair--"

This time her voice was about to break. Her emotions were such a pain sometimes. Changing in an instant from one to another.
There was a moment's pause, but she never let her gaze leave his eyes.

"That boy isn't here to get his revenge. You know as well as I do that it was a coincidence he came here. Whether someone else follows for that purpose alone... well, that isn't certain and it isn't a problem that should be thought about now..."

" ..."
"So... Don't you go anywhere."

She turned around to leave. She couldn't fight back her tears for much longer anymore. All she wanted was to make up and not fight, not leave. But she felt that she had to.

"If you do.... I'll personally track you down before anyone else does and kill you myself."

That said, she ran off, forcing her feet to move.


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