Conclusion 11/08/2007

Sebille had been sitting outside the whole day. She was worried and anxious.

Null hadn't come to find her. She didn't know what it meant but she knew that eventually he would come to her. Probably to tell her that he really was leaving.

Sebille wasn't a very patient person so, she saw it better to go look for him instead.


What to say?

How could she get this heavy atmosphere to pass? How could she get the answer to the question she had been asking herself the past night and day?

There was a heavy weight on her heart and she wanted it to be lifted.

"I should apologize for what I said... but I won't. I meant it all."
" ..."
"Well... except for the last feelings bit."

"Us girls, making everything about ourselves... throwing temper tantrums and... not being very fair..."

He was not answering, not reacting in any way.

"But there are reasons... citcumstances in why those happen..."

Still nothing.


"You can't make me--"

There was a long, long silence before she continued.

"You can't make me love you and announce that you're leaving."

There. She had finally awknowledged it AND said it out loud.

It was too much for her, though so she pulled her hands back. It wasn't enough to get a reaction out of him, was it?

Just as she was about to leave he held out his hand and managed to catch hers.

She wasn't going to stop the motion anymore, though. He might feel her slight shaking.

She was nervous but attempted to hide it to the best of her ability. She couldn't leave after all. She still didn't have any answers.

"Whatever it was that happened in the past... I don't really care... and I don't need to know if you don't want to tell me but... ... I want to know you now."

God! Could she she get any more corny?

"You are a good man, Null."

Finally, he looked at her. Rather bewildered actually. Not that it looked much different from his usual expressionless expression but she could still tell.

"...I know it."


The suddenness of his action made her heart skip a beat.


Still, the anxiety wasn't gone.

"That wasn't a good-bye, was it...?"

She hoped it wasn't. She couldn't stand it right now if it was.

"You're not leaving.. are you?"

" ... No."


She couldn't stop herself. The weight was lifted.

He didn't know just how happy he had made her. She didn't really know either, but she did know that it was the happiest moment of her life in a long, long while.

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