Apology 22/08/2007

Things were mostly back to normal and Sebille was enjoying a quiet afternoon with her book. She had a day off work, too.

She was concentrated on the book but immediately noticed when Null tensed his body from it's relaxed state.

Sebille thought he was going to move or leave but he did nothing of the sort. He just... turned tense.

"Hmm? What is it?"


Hmm... So this was the reason. Sebille hadn't heard him come in but nothing apparently went past Null. He had probably know who was coming before they even reached the door to the room.

"Oh... Lin."

Lin was uncomfortable. He had forced himself to come and face these two. And it still surprised him how anyone could stand to be close the the man called Null.

Fenrir-san had told Lin that not much scared Sebille nowadays and Lin had been awed. He had seen her with the tall man a number of times but he still found it hard to believe.

Null moved forward, looking as menacing as always.

Liin took a step back. If he came any closer he would most certainly run. He didn't know where but anyplace was better than the same room he was in. He knew he couldn't escape Null but maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't be bothered to follow.

"Don't do that."
"You're being threathening."

Not only did she spend time with him but also bossed him around. Some guts she had... or maybe she just didn't know better.

"I... I'm sorry to bother you..."

He was scared but the presence of the small lady was a relief. He didn't think he could do this if it was just Null.

"Not at all."

Sebille had been in a good mood the past few days. Normally, if someone interrupted her reading she'd complain about it and not be mentionably polite, but today she didn't mind.

She was holding down Null's hand. Lin didn't know why. Would he be attacked if she didn't?

Different thought and possibilities were flashing in front of his eyes but he tried to collect himself.

"About the other day... I..."

"I'm sorry! It's not going to happen again."

"Mm... I didn't think it would." She smiled.

"I wasn't thinking clearly and... ..."  He didn't know how to continue. Apologies weren't exactly his forte.

"Say... are those Lou-- Fenrir's clothes?"
"Uhh... yes, they are."
"Looking sharp, there" She smiled.

"Ehh... really?"

Now he was embarassed.

"I... umm, I'm not going to bother you anymore so..."

He looked back one last time, before leaving.

Null hadn't looked at him at all the whole time. It had bothered Lin a bit but he reckoned that it was better to not be pierced by his eyes while trying to apologize.
They gave him chills.

"See... It's not going to happen again. You don't have to get like that when he comes here..."

She was still in a good mood, despite the fact that her reading had been interrupted.

"H-hey! Where are you going?"

" ..."

He was getting up, not answering her... once again.

"Oh no! Not just yet, you don't."

She grinned deviously.

"There's something I want before that..."

And she landed a kiss on him.

"Now, you can go."

She half-laughed at his expression.

Another one of his arm grabbings. Where would it lead them this time?


"Aahh! Not on the book. Not on the book!"

She was laughing delightedly. Really, there wasn't much that could ruin her day.

"Don't tell me you threw it on the floor--? Umphh"

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