Questions answered 27/08/2007

Sebille had spent at least an hour just sitting there with Null and she had been content with it until now. She had so many questions but didn't know how to ask them...

She was sure Null wouldn't answer them all, either. Nevertheless... she had to try.

He turned to look at her.
" isn't your birth name, is it?"

"I thought so..."

Even she knew something...

"And you're not going to tell me what it is, right?"


"...Didn't think so."

She had known the answer before she asked him. Her theory was that he wanted to forget it, himself... or that there was a reason he wanted to keep it to himself. Any other reason shouldn't be important enough to have him keep it a secret. It shouldn't matter at this point of time anymore, if it wasn't emotional.

Now... what else could she ask him before he realizes she won't stop once she's started and run away or stop answering altogether.

She wanted to know so much... but she didn't want to pry. No, she did want to pry but... she didn't want it to seem like she was doing it.

There had to be something wrong with him. There always was.

She turned to him about to say something but never got the words out.

A long silence followed.

"Tell me... when did you start your.. job? How old were you?"


She jumped back involuntarily. She knew she shouldn't have, since it must've made him feel like... ... she didn't know what, but it couldn't be a good feeling.

But still... six years old?

"You we're six? You killed someone when you were six?"
Yes. She had trouble comprehending. Anyone would. It was enough to know what he had at some point in life killed people. She knew he had although there wasn't any evidence but... this was just different.

"But... what did your parents think? What'd your mother say?"

"She was dead."

He seemed a little sad. Just a little. The sadness, loneliness, emptiness... it was always in his eyes, but now it was all around him.

"Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... And your father?"

She couldn't stop the questions anymore. His expressions... there was something off and she wanted to know more.

"Killed him."

This time his cold eyes turned to her and this time she got chills. Those were to eyes she remembered. He didn't scare her, though, he hardly could anymore.

"Your father... ... you?"

That shocked her. It shouldn't have, though, since it was so obvious and so... him.

It all started to make sense now. His mother killed, him killing his father, his name... everything.

She leaned forward, curious.

"So... Your father..."

He seemed surprised, like he hadn't expected her to aproach him anymore.

"He... had the same job as you, didn't he? And he was paid to kill her and he... actually went through with it?"
She knew she shouldn't talk about it so... casually.
"And you... you killed him because you were angry--- no. You wouldn't do that, because... no, that doesn't make sense either. You were six... ..."

She pondered the possibilities.

A long silence stretched over them.

He wasn't going to tell her his story. He might some day but not now. It was time for her to let it go. And she did want to know one more thing. She just didn't know how to ask it, as it was very personal.

Can I... There's something I'd like to know..."

"Have you ever..."
She was having trouble finding the right words.
"...been with anyone that... you didn't have to pay for?"

It probably came out as wrong as it could have.

" ..."

She waited. She waited long.


Hmm... She had thought so.
Poor girl(s)... must've been scary. They must've come across a lot of creepy men in their profession but Null was easily going to take the cake.

"I have... one more question." She was speaking softly now. She understood him so much better now.

Though, this question she shouldn't ask at all.

"If someone paid for you to... assassinate me, would you do it?"
He looked at her but he didn't answer. All she got was a long, calm look. She couldn't interpret it at all.

She shouldn't have asked that. I made her uneasy.

And she wasn't going to get an answer to that.

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