Strenght 10/09/2007

He was back but... something was off. He never spent time in his room but today he'd been there the whole day. Not coming out to even eat.


He didn't react to her voice or her presence. Well, he never really did but this was different somehow.

And Sebille had an idea of what it was that bothered him.

She wasn't stupid, after all.


"Why? ...Why do you do this to yourself?"

"Why do you still insist on working when it hurts you like this?"

She knew she was responsible for it. Bringing out his locked up feelings.

"I know it's my fault and I'm being selfish but... please..." Her voice wasn't much more than a whisper.
"You need to choose... you can't have both, your old and new life, they don't... work together."

"And I couldn't..."

"If you made a mistake because of me and were caught.. or killed. I..."

"I wouldn't know what to do... I couldn't live with myself."

Finally, he moved.

But his expression wasn't what she had expected. She'd been waiting for those calm eyes of his full of his thoughts.


But what she got were cold and emotionless silver pools of... nothing.

She let out a yelp. (not very lady-like)

(Again) she had no time to register what had happened. In a fracton of a second she had ended up flat on her back.

Nulls hand had wrapped around her neck and he held her down effortlessly with just one hand.  She gasped for air.

Long fingers had grasped around her neck and she got the feeling that if he wanted to, he could snap her neck right then and there.

She grabbed his arm on instinct, but the motion wasn't desperate as she knew whatever she did would be futile.

"Do you have any idea who I am? What I'm capable off?"

His voice was cold, threathening and also, surprisingly calm.

Although, his grip was firm, he wasn't trying to choke her. He just held her down... it didn't stop it from hurting, though.

"Speaking so lightly--"

She let go of his arm and Null seemed confused for a moment.

Yes, she may have simplified things a little but in the end the choice was simple. Full of complications later on but still... simple.

"I am not stupid"  She managed.

But what could she do? What could he do? Nothing could change them and their feelings right now. No matter how many times he threathened her, no matter how many times they'd argue.

After what had seemed like an eternity to Sebille, he finally let go.

She turned to her side, coughed and finally felt the air fill her lungs again.

" ..."

"Don't you ever do that again."

" ..."

He'd gone quiet and he'd also calmed down again.

He looked at her, eyes full of apology.

Oh no. He wouldn't get out of this one like that. She wasn't about to forgive him until he learned to speak his mind. He'd spent enought time in the house surrounded by other people that he should be able to speak.

Just because she understood him, she wasn't planning on letting it show this time.

"Anyway... this was my excuse to come here."

"I'm giving it back before I lose it or something."

She offered it to him but all he did was look at it.

" ..."

"Well? Want it or not?"

Okay. Now that was childish. You don't need to throw things around when things don't go quite as you'd like them to.

"Ahh!" The sudden movement caugh her off guard.

This time there was no roughness in his actions.

"I'm sorry."

The words had even a greater effect on her than she thought they would. They almost made her melt despite of what happened just a minute ago.

...Fine. It was fine.

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