Truth 22/09/2007

Lin was sitting outside and enjoying the weather. He'd never really experienced a season like this... Lots of rain and wind but it still wasn't entirely too cold. He wasn't quite sure whether he liked it or not.

He wasn't alone, either.

Fenrir had come outside for a smoke, as usual.

Really... He'd either tactically avoided Lin for the past week, or he truly was clueless.

This time, however, he wouldn't be able to run away before they at least talked a little.

Lin was too fond of the other man's cologne mixed with a slight smell of cigarettes. Too fond for his own good, actually. He was quite sure nothing was ever going to happen and it was making him go crazy.

"So... how'd your school start?"

"Ehh... fine, I guess...."

He was trying to keep the bothersome wind from messing his hair completely. He didn't want to be talking and get a bunch of hair in his mouth.

"Made new friends already?"

"I guess so..."

Lin hadn't really been looking for friends. It wasn't that he didn't want to get any... He just wasn't interested right now. If he was to find any, they'd appear eventually.

"Guess so? Friends are important you know."

"Well, yeah. But I just kinda want to get my studies started first."


Was this all he was going to get? Some casual small-talk?

"How about ladies, then? Noticed anyone good-looking, hmm?"


Really... It was impossible. It was clear to him now that the kiss was a dream... a figment of his (way  too wild) imagination. Fenrir didn't know how he felt and Lin wasn't entirely too sure how he'd react if he did know.

Did he even like guys?

"I see... Well... I'm sure you'll find someone who cares about you."

So he didn't, then? Why? Why was he too shy to actually tell the other man how he felt?

" ..."

Fenrir dropped his cigarette.

"Maybe guys are more your thing, then?" He stepped on it and smiled a little slyly.

Lin jumped forward.

"What!? How'd you--?"

He was walking away already. Escaping again! =__=

"Did I---?"

He turned around one more time before leaving.
"Yes. You kissed me that  night."

What... he knew about it. So then... he'd been acting like this because...?


He was so mean!

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