Cheer up 13/10/2007

There was a knock on the door.

Lin was absorbed in his thoughts, his worries, and didn't pay it much mind.

"Come in..."

Fenrir stepped in and stopped at the door.

"Oh... you've changed the look of your room..."

The bed was placed further away from the window and the table even further.

"Uh, yeah..."

There he was, the cause of Lin's troubles. He just wouldn't let Lin understand how he felt and it bothered him.

He sat down beside Lin, looking at him.

"What's that you're wearing... a kimono?"

"Yeah... I brought it with me. It's comfortable and warm during the winter"
"I bet it is..."

"...And this?"

Was he keeping Lin waiting on purpose?

"It's the outer layer."
"Hmm... May I?"

"I don't think this is quite my color..."

Lin knew it was impolite to laugh but he couldn't help it.  'The wolf' looked silly in it -to say the least.

"What? I bet it looks great on me" He was smiling at Lin's reaction.

Fenrir couldn't understand how somebody could move propetly in the garment, though. It was heavy and there was so much fabric... and there's supposed to be another kimono under it, too? Ugh.

Lin had to turn his head away to hide his amusement. He couldn't quite stop laughing.

Fenrir was smiling. Finally Lin seemed to have cheered up a little. He had been all serious for some time now.

"I'm not keeping you in the dark because I want to. It's just that... I don't really know what I feel myself, and how to deal with it."

So, that was it? That was why he hadn't said anything.

He moved closer to Fenrir. And Fen wondered how he could move with such elegance in that outfit. Such a swift movement and no tripping on all that fabric. The boy had talent.


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