Broken 28/10/2007

Sebille sighed.

The day hadn't really been to her liking.

She'd had a day off but Fenrir nor Null had been around and she'd been bored. She still was.

Very bored.

And tomorrow would be another busy day at the agency. Not pleasant at all.


Did she hear something drop?

And what was---


That startled her.

She had not heard or noticed him enter -again.

"Oh god! You scared me half to death! Don't you ever knock?"

" ..."
He seemed a little sorry. It was in his eyes with the usual emptiness and lonelinss.

Knocking... She actually found the thought of Null knocking... amusing.  She was so used him to sneaking around silently that she would probably freak out  the day he actually knocked. The thought amused her so much that she almost laughed out loud.

Not good: she was supposed to be mad at him for startling her.

"Is there any non-startling way you could u--" And there was a crunching sound.


She couldn't believe what she'd just done.

"Oh no... No, no..."

"You still had that?"

"Of course I still had it!"

She was upset. And getting more emotional as what she'd done started to dawn on her.

"I can't believe I destroyed it..."

She'd liked that flower.

"Ohh.... I hate myself now..."

That was the first single flower she'd ever gotten from someone she cared about. Bouquets never really did it for her...

"It was just a flower..."

'Just' a flower? Was that supposed to be comforting?

"How nice to hear how much thought you put into giving it to me then"

That was his gift to her, even if it was just a whim on his part, and it meant a lot to her.

" ..."

And now it was gone...

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