Selling ( 31.3.18 )

Listing some stuff I have for sale. Prices DO NOT include shipping (from Finland).
>> I accept Paypal & European/Finnish bank transfers. (I can give discount with the latter option.)
>> Most prices are negotiable

Also please see my Etsy store for my new handmade BJD & Azone outfits. I can also sell them outside of Etsy together with something from this post, so that there won’t be double shipping fees.

Shoot me if you’re interested in something and we’ll talk. In Finnish or English is fine. :3

Full Dolls

Azone Pure Neemo: Rockin’ Girl Yuzuha

Rockin’ Girl Yuzuha I bought her pre-owned but she’s in excellent condition. Her hair was braided for a while and there are a few waves left in it, but those are easily straightened. I haven’t done much with her, she just mostly stands on my shelf, so I think it’s best I let her go. She’s an older release that isn’t around much anymore. I got lucky and snatched her from Amiami last year after stalking Mandarake and Yahoo!Japan for quite a while.

She will come without the default outfit or shoes. I’ll include the self-made dress in the pictures + panties.

Asking: 90 Euros + shipping

Doll parts

Click the images for more info.

Doll stuff

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